Orlando bloom and Katy Perry

American singer Katy Perry famous Hollywood actor Orlando bloom first met in 2016 at the ceremony of awarding the “Golden globe”. In a new interview with the Mirror bloom recalled the moment when I first personally met with Perry, and said that it made a strong impression on him.

so, I stood on stage and watched the audience, and she was there, just sitting among the crowd of people. I remember that she was dressed in a beautiful pink dress. Then I thought, “Wow, I think this Katy Perry”,

he said.

After that, he went straight to the table where she sat.

She was sitting at the table next to Denzel Washington, who just delivered a box of hamburgers. When I saw it, I asked him: “Hey, buddy, can I borrow one?”. He replied that of course I can do it. So I took a hamburger and winked at Katie

— said bloom.

At the after party of the award, the actor and singer have already met a little better and chatted and danced together. Soon after they began Dating, and even a temporary separation is not ruined their relationship.

Now 35-year-old Perry and 43-year-old bloom is preparing for the birth of the first child — already known that the couple has a daughter. Wait for baby to light the happy couple soon — Katie is in her last weeks of pregnancy. According to insiders, the lovers look forward to when their family is expanding and Orlando is especially excited that he will have a daughter (the actor also has a nine-year-old son Flynn from the previous brcak with Miranda Kerr).

I’m very excited. I like to be a father Flynn, and I am very glad that these truly unusual times, the light will have another little baby. It will be new in many ways, so I’m really excited about this next Chapter in my life as Katie. And Flynn is very pleased that he will have a younger sister,

— said the actor.

He added that he and Kathy had considered home birth, but has not yet made a final decision.