Instead of a Compulsory to bring the prospect of a free day, the women voluntarily to the recruits-orientation days in the army. “I want less hurdles,” says SVP national councillor Yvette Estermann (52, LU). If you speak with women, not told her this, that you dared to ask the employer a free day – or with any of these then do not like the male colleagues received.

employers want men and women

Yesterday, the SVP politician tabled a parliamentary motion in the national Council. Ester man wants to write to the military law the following new article: “The position of conscripts in Switzerland it is strongly recommended that at the orientation event to participate in; the Federal Council shall regulate the modalities by means of a regulation.”

ester man imagines How these “modalities,” she writes in her Motion. The Swiss code of obligations (OR) is to hold that the employer need to give the people of Switzerland, for the Orientation today is a free day. “I don’t see why the women not the men here are finally the same.”

women should offers of the army meet

The Swiss officer’s society would also like to increased the promotion of women in the army. Therefore, they wanted to declare as early as 2018 recruits-orientation days for women is compulsory. Because of this, but a constitutional amendment would be necessary to have been a lack of concern on the resistance of the cantonal military Directors and later on the national Council. This, although all the female share of 0.7 percent in the army, a disgraceful low.

ester man took the Mandatory at that time in the Parliament. “I’m still of the opinion that as many women as possible should attend this Orientation to learn about the offers of the army.” You didn’t know otherwise, what is lost to them because of the training and the leadership skills of women could benefit later in the labour market.

equality argument could be Left to persuade

With this Argument, and the demand for gender equality can hope for the Lucerne-Conservative on support from left-wing groups. Thus, SP-security, politician, Priska Seiler count (50, ZH) is shown, for example, in principle, open: “If it calls for equality in society, you have to support this concern.” More women would be good for the army.