Ordinary Man: Ozzy Osbourne stayed true to himself and fans

In this modern world the “Great and Terrible” had not too sweet. It is, of course, continued to collect full halls fans of old school heavy metal, and without the attention in the days new albums were not there. However, like it or not, was forced to accept the eccentric way funny grandfather with painted eyes, which is something they still claim, but leaves at the expense of a handful of old hits, diluting the solo creative activities of the shots in the terrible reality show, the tearful confessions about he found the disease.

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However, not all is so bad as to be a living monument to himself this is not for everyone, but old Ozzy like sometimes it turns out quite effectively and efficiently. And that once his album Ordinary Man looks primarily qualitative autopedia. The unbridled exploitation of obsolete rock-type “Prince of Darkness” from Birmingham Proletariy grotesque, kitsch, but not without a really strong and at the same time really funny moments.

Starts this set of eleven songs mighty fighter Straight To Hell, where there is a broad and loyal fan, and of course the author himself – from mandatory “Allright now!” at the start before rolling pathos in the chorus and guitar solo spilnogo. And continues, for example, Eat Me – a straight a deliberate provocation on the theme, previously played in the cult Rammstein Mein Teil. Or toy-pathetic horror story Under The Graveyard with a hint of pure “sebetovsky” epic.

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it Sounds like components are pulled out of a dusty closet, but by itself, the team of musicians like Slash and Chad Smith – like from the same and got: who, in the end, now interested in all these techies virtuoso with its bustling instrumental skill? However, the value here has the ability to be rather than to seem: instead of chasing the hype, artificially melodias, the company of veterans tested in good faith fulfills the minimum program – makes a capricious Millennials to wince, thrust them into the ears of the echoes of the extinct genre of Music through Apple. And is not afraid to seem ridiculous even in the title ballad.

And there, then submit to the top of the naphthalene beauty: Osborne’s pensioner diligently sings a duet with sir Elton John, making a serious bid for success among visitors hairy “rock-disco” if they are, in principle anyone else holds. However, in fairness, there is also a collaboration with popular rapper Post Malone – hardly able to interest fans of the last, but still in his own way appealing in its absurdity the claim to “bridge between generations”. Well, in General – these days it is the definition of “touching” applies to Ozzy in the largest extent.

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Which, again, is not so bad. Because viscous monotone masterpieces of Black Sabbath, remaining the benchmark for hundreds sludge or Stoner bands, did not become obsolete and siYu season. While the frontman of the legendary group periodically pop out of the old-fashioned snuff – Yes defiantly laugh at their own archaic tradition, occasionally giving if not a new classic, but at least by a pair of triple self-ironic memorable tracks.