There is one well-known anecdote of Soviet times. Working formally one of the “peaceful” plants steal at his wife’s request of different parts to build a pram for the baby. But nothing worked: and so, and so says, trying — still with a Kalashnikov.

may 12, the state Duma has adopted on second and final reading a bill that clearly demonstrates the sad truth: in addition to crackdown, our government does not work.

Remember, last fall after the rapid events in Moscow politicians, political scientists and experts discussed the possibility of mitigating the odious electoral rules, which, if desired, prevent to participate in them virtually any not agreed with the authorities of the candidate or the party? “Let!” — with this slogan took to the streets protesting.

Remember, head of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova filed in the office of the President recommendations to create a more civilized form of “municipal filter” in gubernatorial elections and improvement of the rules of collection and verification of signatures? It was assumed that these and other proposals of various kinds to discuss the ad hoc working group, and then, if some of them get support of the Kremlin in the spring of 2020 will become law, remember? September 13, 2020 the country should be the next Single day of voting, and in 2021 — the election of the state Duma, mentioned, it would be nice to test the new rules in advance.

But first, the Kremlin has engaged in amendments to the Constitution. Everything else faded into the background, and in public opinion too, so no pressure on the government from the bottom or side in the electoral agenda from the beginning of 2020 was not felt at all.

Then in the state Duma was introduced and again in the background of the constitutional agenda is almost entirely lost several draft laws “about elections”. Major decisions, which could increase the variety of policy proposals in future elections, they were not.

Then there was the epidemic, the vote on the Constitution postponed, and one hastily passed by the Duma anti-crisis laws had to be moved to 2020 and the Single voting day, if the coronavirus will not back down.

it Seemed that all would remain until the Russian elections, as it was before.

But in preparation for the second reading of one of the bills was made famous trick: it quietly shoved amendment to another topic. The author of the amendment is Dmitry Vyatkin (United Russia), he has repeatedly signed by the administration of the President policy initiatives, and this, as told “MK” familiar with the situation sources “from there”. The essence of the amendment — to an even greater tightening of the so-called criminal filter in elections of any level.

in 2014, the citizens convicted to do��statement of liberty for the Commission of any (including economic) of serious crimes, may not be elected anywhere even 10 years after removal of a criminal record, over 18 years after serving his sentence. A convicted of the most serious crimes within 15 years after the removal of a criminal record, that is, for 25 years after serving his sentence. This filter and the verdict in the case of “Kirovles” (5 years with a probation period of 5 years for “serious” article 160 of the criminal code) allowed legally to prevent the presidential elections of 2018, Alexei Navalny, and will allow a few years to prevent it to the polls, even the mayor of a provincial district.

Now the “amendment Vyatkina” seriously limits the right to be elected and for persons sentenced to deprivation of liberty for minor (up to 3 years of imprisonment) or moderate (up to 5 years of imprisonment) the offences described in 50 articles of the Criminal code: for 5 years after overturned on elections they should forget. The term overturned on the least public threat from the point of view of the criminal code the crimes defined in 3 years.

When it comes to criminal filters, it is difficult to argue against the argument “do you want to bandits and thieves sitting in Parliament?”. And among those under the filter compositions have a very unpleasant sort of thing, about the murder of the mother of the minor child, inducement to suicide, intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm. But here and there a couple dozen of economic offences, cases in which “somewhere sometimes” excited for doubtful in the eyes of society grounds. And the icing on the legislative cake that look somewhat “political” articles of the criminal code, which are commonly used against opponents of the regime. Then and shameful 212.1, allowing you to put on a period of 5 years for any repeated violation of the rules of holding street actions: it is at it sits now the activist Konstantin Kotov. And yet — the first part of the article 318 of the criminal code, which punishes the use is not dangerous to life and health of violence against a representative of authorities, the propaganda of separatism (section 280.1), the Internet or the media, incitement of hatred (article 280 part 1)… And two “fresh” ingredients, which criminalizes the dissemination of fake information about the epidemic that caused the deaths.

If a Single day of voting will not survive, in the coming weeks, elections for governors, deputies of the legislative Assembly and the state Duma will be announced. But why was it necessary to toughen the already tough criminal filter? What the Kremlin is afraid that angry people can vote for keepers of shooting galleries, just to annoy the authorities? Or, again, in nightmares someone suffers cornered a few exiles?

Public discussion on this subject was not, so we Nitsche��don’t know about. But we know now that in their hands again, “Kalashnikov”.