The candidate in presidents of Belarus Andrey Dmitriev believes that the Republic should withdraw from the Organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO).

"In the long term – Yes", – said Dmitriev in an interview with RIA Novosti, answering a question of whether it performs for the exit of Minsk from the CSTO in the context of his Declaration of neutrality for Belarus.

He noted that "today, a number of international structures need to be fundamentally reviewed, as, for example, the CIS Executive Committee". "These systems do not provide for regional security at the level of countries that go in there. We must seriously pose the question about what the post-Soviet period is over, the tools that were supposed to provide a softer transition from Soviet Union to independent States themselves have developed, and we need new tools that will ensure the region’s security dialogue platform, trade relations. What we have today, is expensive and does not work. We will offer our plan to reform", – said Dmitriev.

At the same time, he rejected the exit of Belarus from the CIS. "No, CIS do not have to go, it needs to fundamentally change. To adapt to the reality of today. The CIS – it was originally a Union of former Soviet republics, it was true 30 years ago, now there’s a real independent state with very different interests. We must create a new dialog system that considers" – said the politician.

Presidential elections held in Belarus on 9 August, involving five candidates, including incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko. On Tuesday, the country began early voting.