The Name of Oppo is in Switzerland, just a few phone Fans a term. The Chinese manufacturer sold together with sister brand, Vivo more Smartphones than Apple. Globally, the Oppo is a giant, but a dwarf. However, this is likely to change quickly. In the summer, the brand has stretched out the first feelers in Switzerland and with Swisscom, a first 5G phone us.

Now, the Oppo uses a first exclamation mark, and wants to conquer in the storm is the Switzerland. In addition there is now an official Swiss branch in Zurich. And with Daniel Meier has brought to the Country Manager, an experienced man who has recently established in the case of Huawei, the Swiss business.

The Oppo Reno 2 will cost less than 500 francs

As the first Smartphones in Reno 2 and the Reno 2 Z now come with us to the market, and already on Friday. In London, the Version for Europe was presented, and also the prices for Switzerland, has announced. And have it all: The Reno 2 only costs 499 Swiss francs and offers a lot of facilities. The Z-Version is 379 CHF again a little cheaper.

The Reno 2 offers many of the Features of the top machines from Apple, Samsung or Huawei. So there is a huge 6.5-inch Amold screen. The is almost borderless, because the Selfie-camera is in a deployable module, which is reminiscent of a shark fin.

Visually, so the Reno 2 can easily keep up with a twice as expensive equipment. And also the technology in many areas. So, there’s approximately 8 GB of memory. Luxurious and 256 GB of storage Standard, two to four Times as much as in the case of the Android competition.

The battery is expected to keep up with 4000 mAh locker one day, and also the fingerprint Scanner under the Screen is something that is otherwise only found in the upper class. Oppo has even built in a Feature that can be used in almost everywhere, in vain. Namely, a headphone Jack.

Reno with a Four-camera, but not a Top processor

the cameras, the Reno 2 has the claim, in the top League to compete. So there are four Sensors in the main camera, this photo Features such as portrait mode, Night Mode, and a five-time Hybrid-Zoom are possible. First photos look very promising.

But you can’t have everything, of course, for the price of 500 francs. So the Snapdragon is 730 processor not quite upper class, but is expected to be sufficient in everyday life. It is also a pity, there is no certification for water and dust resistance. In addition, the Reno 2 is still running on Android 9.0 and not the latest Android 10.

The Reno 2 Z is a slightly stripped down Version, but that would be enough still for most of the users very well in everyday life. Here is with the MediaTek Helio P90 a different processor. In addition, it must be dispensed with the Zoom lens. With 128 GB, there is a little less memory – but still twice as much as in the Standard iPhone.

Available for the new phones from China are in all the big Online Stores, the Reno 2 in addition, in the mobile zone shop. And the end of the year a more exciting headphone with noise cancellation comes on the market.