It is amazing. Exciting innovations bring more and more of the major Smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung or Huawei on the market. But the less well-known Chinese Brands like Oppo or Xiaomi. And the Large you then integrate later in the mobile phones.

the Best example is the fingerprint Scanner below the screen, with the case of Huawei and Samsung to the Standard. And also the iPhone could be equipped this year or next in order.

Now, the next Innovation is in the start holes, namely, the Selfiecam under the screen. Two manufacturers, namely, Oppo and Xiaomi, have shown Videos with the appropriate solutions.

The beginning of the Oppo made. The Chinese Brand has long been working on concepts to build a cell phone with nationwide screen. Say, if you look from the front, is there only Screen. The biggest obstacle is the Selfiecam is.

The Packed Oppo so far in retractable Slider, but such mechanical constructs and moving parts are not susceptible – everyone trusts that the work in two years.

Now the Chinese have Packed up the camera under the Display. This works the same as the fingerprint scanner only if the Screen can allow light to pass through, which is then recorded by the Sensor.

Shortly afterwards, Xiaomi responded with a own concept video. Both seem to be functioning prototypes have been taken. The whole Display can be used. You want to make a Selfie, is darkened by a stripe at the very top. The Sensor including can now make a quite normal photo. At least in the Video with no visible delay.

it is Still unclear when these models come out on the market. However, given the advanced technology it could be this year. Samsung has announced already the end of 2018, at a Selfiecam under the Screen is working. To see at that time there was but as yet no prototypes.