Qatar is hosting the soccer World Cup this year. A country considered the ideological mothership of political Islam. All the more strange that Sigmar Gabriel behaves like a paid PR influencer.

In less than 20 days, the opening ceremony of the soccer World Cup will take place in Qatar.

In a country that is not only responsible for the deaths of thousands of construction workers who built the football stadiums for the World Cup under inhumane, slave-like conditions, but which is also considered the capital of Islamism.

Qatar is a small country in the Arabian Gulf region. With almost unlimited financial possibilities, it not only builds soccer stadiums or invests in construction projects and tourist attractions of the superlative, but it is also considered the ideological and structural mothership of political Islam.

An ideology that is represented all over the world and whose actors have made it their goal to undermine political systems that do not correspond to their ideas.

Very subtly and with a lot of patience and perseverance, they are trying to come to power and replace the previous system with an Islamist one that follows Sharia rules.

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In their view, Islam should not only regulate spiritual matters, but also interpersonal, legal and social ones and thus ultimately determine the entire political system.

Over the past few decades, Qatar has become a haven for persecuted supporters of political Islam from around the world, be it officials from the terrorist organization Hamas from Gaza or the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt.

Through well-known broadcasters such as Al Jazeera, Qatar offers a mouthpiece for the actors of political Islam and tries with all possible means to destabilize the Middle East.

Calls for jihad in Syria, Iraq, Libya, even Israel have led thousands of young people to embark on the aberration of violence. Broadcasters with millions of viewers put the Holocaust into perspective, stir up hatred against Jews and minorities and make the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood socially acceptable everywhere.

Operation Allah: How political Islam wants to undermine our democracy

Qatar never tires of criticizing Europe, the West, the US and the regimes in all Muslim countries, but at the same time does not tolerate criticism when it comes to its own system.

The regime in Qatar does not and does not want to address issues such as homophobia, the financial support for Islamist structures in Europe that has become known in recent years, or the death of thousands of workers during the construction of the World Cup stadiums.

People who are critical of this are rejected and defamed. Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) recently experienced just how severe reactions to criticism can be when, before her trip to Qatar, she criticized the fact that the World Cup was awarded to this country because of the human rights situation there.

The German ambassador was immediately summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Doha, where a protest note was handed to him. Faeser’s statements were condemned in the strongest possible terms and she was accused of violating diplomatic norms.

Ahmad Mansour is a psychologist and author from Berlin. Born in Kfar Saba in 1976, he has Israeli and German citizenship. In 2018, Mansour founded MIND prevention (Mansour Initiative for Democracy Promotion and Extremism Prevention), which conducts workshops on extremism prevention. He works with inmates of correctional facilities and with refugees.

Mansour is also persistently opposed to anti-Semitism. In 2015 his book “Generation Allah. Why we have to rethink the fight against religious extremism” was published, followed in August 2018 by “Plain Text on Integration – Against False Tolerance and Scaremongering”. His new book “Operation Allah: How Political Islam Wants to Undermine Our Democracy” was recently published.

Against this background, the reactions of former Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, who has been acting like a paid PR influencer for the regime in Qatar in recent days, seem all the more strange to me when he described criticism of Qatar as “German arrogance” on Twitter.

In his argument, he loses himself in attempts to put things into perspective and even accuses critics of his position of having double standards: According to Gabriel, there will probably be no criticism against Mexico, which will be the next host country in four years to host the World Cup together with Canada and the USA, although there pro Around 1000 women are murdered every year.

The reason for this is the fact that Mexico is not a Muslim country, but a predominantly Christian one. Incidentally, this is also a popular defensive strategy of the sheikhs in Qatar, who never tire of describing the criticism leveled at them as Islamophobic.

Gabriel also puts the prevailing homophobia in Qatar into perspective with the fact that homosexuality was also a punishable offense in Germany up until 1994. We would have treated the guest workers in Germany “crappy”. True to the motto: If you live in a glass house, you shouldn’t throw stones…

Hearing these whataboutisms from a former foreign minister and SPD member makes me really angry!

In particular, because the SPD repeatedly addresses and criticizes the conditions in Hungary, Brazil, Italy – even in the USA – and is now silent on the statements of one of its own members – although Gabriel not only tolerates the conditions in Qatar, but actually rejects criticism.

But a look at the past of the SPD shows that Gabriel’s statements in the party have a system. The SPD’s catastrophic Russia policy in recent years was not a product of naivety or ignorance, but rather a well-thought-out calculation, as was this party’s handling of political Islam.

For years, the SPD maintained good contacts with the Iranian regime. Warnings from Israel, Jews, exiled Iranians and Arab countries were ignored.

And this despite the fact that there are enough pictures of people who were killed, for example because of their sexual orientation, or of mullahs who harass women on the street and violently arrest them because they are not wearing a headscarf.

Federal President Steinmeier has not yet denounced these inhumane conditions, nor has he defended European values. During his tenure as foreign minister, Steinmeier took a similar political stance towards Iran, Russia and Palestine.

Unfortunately, this behavior also applies to dealing with actors of political Islam in Germany. They are literally courted by the Federal President by inviting them to summer festivals and important political events, where they are then allowed to stand in the front row.

In Berlin, the Senate even finances actors in political Islam who, according to statements by the federal government, have significant personal connections to the Muslim Brotherhood or to organizations close to them.

A fact that does not prevent the politicians in the Berlin state government from organizing gala evenings with these people and supporting them with taxpayers’ money.

If you name and criticize these facts, you are quickly accused of Islamophobia. However, the fact that most of the criticism comes from Muslim voices is ignored.

Anyone who only defends democracy and human rights where it is politically convenient has not understood democracy. Anyone who loudly criticizes Trump and remains silent about the conditions in Qatar and Iran or even actively defends and promotes them is not democratic, tolerant or differentiated.

No, in this way one turns oneself into a useful idiot for the actors of political Islam, without realizing that one supports an inhuman ideology whose aim is to undermine and ultimately abolish democracies.