The failed car toll of the former Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer costs the German state a fortune. Many operators sued for damages. The process costs alone will amount to over 20 million euros by the end of March 2022.

As Transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) wanted to enforce the car toll with all his might. His plan failed and a large number of operators sued the federal government for damages.

The state had to shell out 21.5 million euros by the end of March 2022 solely for the legal costs in connection with the failed car toll of the former Federal Minister of Transport. This emerges from a request from the left-wing member of the Bundestag Victor Perli, which “ZEIT Online” published on Thursday morning.

For two proceedings before a private arbitral tribunal alone, 20 million euros were necessary for legal and legal costs. The remaining 1.5 million euros “were paid for proceedings at administrative courts, in particular for defending against applications under the Freedom of Information Act,” as “ZEIT Online” reported.

The car toll – a prestige project of the CSU in the then black-red federal government – was stopped in June 2019 by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) as illegal. Immediately after the verdict, Scheuer terminated the operator contracts – and since then has decisively rejected all claims for compensation from the companies. Arbitration began.

The Berlin public prosecutor’s office has initiated preliminary proceedings against Scheuer because of a possible false statement in the processing of the failed car toll. Also against the former Secretary of State Gerhard Schulz is determined.

Specifically, it is about a statement by Scheuer in the investigative committee of the Bundestag. Scheuer told the German Press Agency: “I testified truthfully before the investigative committee. There is nothing to add. I am firmly assuming that a review will not come to any different conclusions either.”

An investigation was initiated against Scheuer on April 13, on suspicion of false unsworn testimony before the investigative committee.

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