Pizza can have a little religious side. Everyone preaches for their parish. Some swear by the freshly baked Neapolitan. Others claim that romaine is superior thanks to its dough which holds together better. On this side of the Atlantic, New Yorkers also claim the relevance of their “creation”.

At Welldun, a new pizzeria on the Well, in (Ver)dun (do you see the contraction?), Danny Perez and Anaïs Braye decided to go big with not two or three, but four pizza families.

From New York there is the 16-inch round and the thin, rectangular “Grandma.” To the Roman al taglio, the couple preferred the thicker, softer Sicilian one. And finally, Welldun borrowed from Detroit its pizza cooked in a rectangular pan with high walls which allows a thin tile of cheese to be formed around the edge.

To keep kitchen management humane, the topping options have been limited, with a larger selection (nine) for New York, three for Detroit, three for Grandma and two for Sicily!

Finally, it is possible to simply order a slice/piece or a whole version, to eat on site or to take away.