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– It is a bit silly that the fans can’t come and cheer for us, but it is not something to do with it. Under the circumstances, with pandemitilstander the world over, it’s great that we still can play, ” says Chiu Chang-Jung, who is manager of the Chinatrust Brother.

Rakuten Monkeys his home in Taoyuan has capacity for 20.000 spectators, but matches should be played without any crowd because of the care.

Why fill the seats with pappfigurer and plastdukker, while trommespillende robots to stand for the mood, according to AFP.

DECORATE: Here is a plastdukke up with fan gear & apparel from Rakuten Monkeys.

Photo: AFP

The planned åpningskampen between the Chinatrust Brother and defending champion Rakuten Monkeys had to be postponed because of rain Saturday, but the season turned in time Sunday.

First in world

Baseballsesongen in Taiwan, was first postponed two times after the scheduled opening 14. march.

When the league opens on Sunday, is it that the first baseball league in the world.

Taiwan has received much attention for the handling of the koronaviruset. The island state of 21 million inhabitants, has so far been 380 confirmed infections and five deaths, according to NBC News.

the news station writes that it is in the day are prohibited with the folkeansamlinger with more than 500 people in Taiwan.

Therefore it will also be far fewer than 500 pappfigurer and plastdukker, for symbolikkens’s sake, according to Rakuten Monkeys-manager Justin Liu.

at the same time players are kept at home as much as possible, and journeys will be limited, says Liu, to NBC News.

– If you come here now, it’s like a normal day, really, ” says Bryan Woodall, who plays for Fubon Guardians, to Sports Illustrated.

Except that it is imposed with mask and temperatursjekk, they can live as normal in the public eye, according to Woodall.

– not a good idea

Although Taiwan has received much praise for the handling of the koronaviruset, set the question mark behind the opening of the baseballsesongen.

Amir Attaran, who is the law – and epidemiologiprofessor at the University of Ottawa, emphasizing that taiwan’s fight against the virus has been very impressive.

at the same time he describes the opening as “not a good idea” to NBC News.

Baseball is not a kontaktsport like football, but you manage not to take on a player from two meters distance. I don’t see how this will work, ” says Attaran.

Ligasjefene believe, on their side, that the opening is an important step for the entire nation.

– It shows that we managed to beat the virus, ” says secretary-general Feng Sheng-Xian.

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