In the case of Opel reigns a champagne kind of mood. Record sales of 1.1 billion euros, as well as a return of 6.5 per cent in the last year. And the brand also electric drive. Even in 2020, four electric models to come: After the Grand country X PHEV and the Corsa-e is the electric start later in the year, Transporter, Vivaro-e and the electrified Version of the mocha X-successor.

But The Corsa is the most important vehicle in the model range of the rüsselsheim manufacturer. To press as Stromer Corsa-e, which will help the CO2 emissions in the direction of the since the beginning of the year current limit value of 95 g/km. But its main competitor comes from the group’s own stable: The Peugeot 208 is already in the electric variant available and fresh gekürtes car of the year 2020 in Europe.

electric drive system from the group shelf

thanks to the common parent group PSA are both on the same platform – the same for all drives. With a weight of 1455 kg, a standard range of 337 miles (WLTP) and a battery with a 50 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of capacity do not need to hide the little Opel also in front of the larger VW ID.

On a 100-Kilowatt fast-charging station in the Corsa downloads-e within 30 minutes to 80 percent capacity. The AC, with a maximum of eleven kW 5 offense Refuel for:15 hours to the same degree of filling. Opel is as a power consumption of 16.8 kWh/100 km; on the test round through Berlin to 19.7 kWh fins. The spread of the three driving modes to be convincing, because different services are available, the impact on the range. In Eco, the Corsa-e 82 provides HP, in normal mode, there are 109 HP and only on Sport, it delivers the full 136 HP.

Opel Corsa-e

electric motor, 136 HP (100 kW), 260 Nm@1/min, single-stage transmission, front wheel drive, battery capacity of 50 kWh
drive performance from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.1 s, top speed of 150 km/h
mass L/B/H = 4,06/1,77/1,44 m, 1445 kg, Trunk 267-1042 l
power consumption work of 16.8 kWh/100 km (equivalent to 1.88 l/100 km of gasoline), 0 g CO2/km, to local, energy A
price from 34’990 Fr.

To Swim Eco enough, and if you are more in a hurry, push the Pedal easy, and the full force is available. The driving behavior of the lower center of gravity and the higher rigidity of the body make themselves felt. The Corsa-e bounces more harmonious than the nitro versions. In curves you can feel but the 345 kg battery weight, pushing to the outside.

On the carpet, you will not notice the electric drive. Under the loading floor there is no space because of the battery, but 267 to 1042 litres of boot space is not bad. The front one sits comfortably, in the back it gets to Tall just under the head. As standard, there is LED light in the front, front collision warning, a blind spot warning system and lane keep assist. To the market launch on October 28. March is the cost of the Corsa-e 34’990 Swiss francs; of the, in principle, technically same Peugeot e-208 comes from the 34’350 Swiss francs.