If you currently hand in your empties at Netto, you can look forward to an extra ten percent when paying out a deposit. The discounter provides information about this in its advertising brochure, among other things.

The bonus for the reusable fee will then be refunded directly at the checkout. However, the promotion is limited in time: The offer is only valid in week 50, i.e. from 12.12. up to and including 17.12.

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In all likelihood, you will not get rich through the deposit campaign. Nevertheless, you can save a few cents or euros for each empties handed in. For example, if you hand in a crate of water or beer that contains all the bottles, you save 33 cents.

In addition to the deposit campaign, Netto customers currently also have to consider a recall. Since the products may contain plastic parts, we strongly advise against consuming the ready-made cevapcicis from the manufacturer Buss Ready-to-Use GmbH. You’ll find more about it here .

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