The health insurance premiums increase year-on-year. A recurring Nuisance that many Insured brings financially to their limits and to Plan specific interventions. With the choice of a higher deductible to reduce the premium burden a little. This is exploited to the full but first of all, storm practices, the patient suddenly in the doctor.

to show How research by the “SonntagsZeitung”, frequent in November and December, the requests for appointments with specialist doctors. The CSS, the insured in the largest insurance company of Switzerland with 1.3 million Basic, this can show in an unpublished analysis.

300’000 visits to the doctor per week

So between the calendar weeks 46 and 51 in the year 2017, as many Insured visited a specialist, such as otherwise never. Over 50’000 consultations from CSS patients there were per week. Extrapolated to Switzerland, there are 300’000. And the trend is rising.

For the CSS is clear: “It’s an incentive to exercise plan for doctor visits in the year in which the Franchise is used up is evident,” says a spokesman for the “Sunday newspaper”. Similar sounds at the urology Uroviva network. “In November and December, the requests for checkups to rise with us”, it says.

the beginning of the year are in the waiting room then back to empty

The research-the office of the “B,S,S. economic consulting” shares the knowledge of the practitioners. Medical benefits are not to the detriment of their own wallets, to refer patients for more services. For one, you refer to those that you would not obtain otherwise, and on the other you organize recurring events, for example in specialist physicians. The beginning of the year, the consultations back then. (pbe)