Once they were voted out of office. Or switched to a different office. Yet so simple you can’t let the fingers of the policy: former national Councillors, who tried on Sunday, her Comeback to Bern.

At the most it hasn’t worked out. The celebrity under the Failed: SVP-husband Christoph Mörgeli (59). He started on the 15. The top of the list and was on the 20. Rank passed through. Thus, Mörgeli nachrutscht, must take all ten of the selected SVP representative.

Thus it is clear: Mörgelis political career in the Federal government in Bern is definitely over. Politically expressed will he week as a “world”author, but still. In the Zurich cantonal party, he mixes yet.

Mörgelis party colleague, Yvan Perrin (52) would have to save the seat of the new Burger SVP. Him, who served from 2003 to 2013 as a national councillor, miss the failed endeavor.

Cavalli remains in Ticino

Valley of the Gotthard will remain the Ticino Franco Cavalli (77). From 1995 to 2007, he had solved as a SP national councillor is a Ticket to Bern. During some years he served as a group chief. In 2007 and 2011 he was a candidate, unsuccessfully, for the SP as the Council of States. Meanwhile, Cavalli, and the SP has turned his back.

The convinced Marxist, took this time as a national Council candidate for the company he founded Forum Alternativo – on a joint list with the Greens and the Communists. However, the recent attempt to Return failed.

In the case of the CVP, Jacques Neirynck (88, VD) missed the choice. The former ETH Professor sass from 1999 to 2003 and from 2007 to 2011 in the large chamber, and was twice voted out of office.

the Green wave didn’t help all the

as The green tide washed many new faces in the national Council, however, some Ex-Councillors were having none of it.

miss the return of the Green Yvonne Gilli (62, SG), from 2007 to 2015 in the Federal house sat. is the plaintiff Gilli stood next to the young Green Franziska Ryser (27). Long it was a head-to-head race. At the end of Ryser but made 254 votes more than Gilli.

The leap to Bern, the previous GLP-Councillors Thomas Maier (44, ZH), Thomas Böhni (54, TG), and Josias F. Gasser (66, GR), all of which are focused from 2011 to 2015 in Bern politi missed.

A Trio creates the Comeback

A Trio has managed to make the Comeback but. And two of them were surfing on the green wave back to the Federal house.

In Zurich, the Greens gained three seats and now come in five mandates. As the fourth-placed also Catherine Prelicz-Huber (60) takes back in the national Council hall. There she sat, already from 2008 to 2011. However, she needed for her Comeback two attempts – 2015 was a candidate, unsuccessfully.

After four years of absence, also GLP, national councillor Roland Fischer (54, LU) travels back to Bern. With him, the party receives a smart financial politicians.

SP-Maillard with Shine result

among the returnees, former state Councilor and current Union boss Pierre-Yves Maillard (51) also. The Canton of Vaud was from 1999 to 2004 in the national Council. Then he was elected in the Canton of Vaud government in which he served for 15 years as the Director of Health.

An announcement had to digest the Maillard never, for a non-choice: in 2011, he wanted to return as a Federal Council to Bern, but lost out to the current SP-magistrates Alain Berset (47).

Eight years later, he has managed the Mission of the Federal government in Bern with a brilliant result: Not only on the SP-list, as he won the top spot. With almost 60’000 votes, he was the best elected national Council of the Canton, and the whole French-speaking Switzerland.

it is Already foreseeable: Union boss Maillard will be in Bern to the heavyweights, with a view to the forthcoming reforms to the pension system.