the Verdict against Kevin Magnussen is cash.

‘It was not really the ideal test for him,’ says.

At Formula 1s official website have you assessed the winners and losers in the six test-days, there is now over as preparation for the 2020 season.

And here are the Danish Haas-pilot as the only one running in the field highlighted on the negative. In addition, include only teams on the plus – and minus-sides for some days, where cars over a broad spectrum appeared very kørestærke.

‘There were not many losers in the test, so impressive was the reliability of the whole line and the minimal amount of error on the part of drivers can mean that many will perhaps feel that it is a little hard to put Kevin Magnussen in this category,’ writes

so do it anyway.

And this is due to several things.

That Kevin Magnussen drove færrste the laps of all, the 250, which was 216 laps fewer a verdensmesterens Lewis Hamilton’s total.

‘And he wasted so much time of the last afternoon in the garage, while the team repaired a problem with the coupling,’ it sounds it on the Formula 1 website:

‘His team also had the lowest total number of laps with the 649. 254 fewer than the Mercedes. So, all in all, he is not in perfect shape in Melbourne (where the first contest is run 15. march, ed.). But at the very least has a good feel for the car so far.’

Here you can read how the B. T.’s Formula 1 correspondent Peter Nygaard assesses the outcome of the vintertestene.

The other losers in addition to Kevin Magnussen, according to the Formula 1 website, Mercedes’ engines, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, while the winners are being touted to be Mercedes, Red Bull, Racing Points, Williams and Renault.