A family in Adelaide, South Australia found an adventurous koala nestled in their Christmas tree. The furry animal was relocated to a more suitable locale with the help of a koala rescue organization.

The adorable marsupial snuck into the home of Amanda McCormick after her daughter left the door open. The koala eventually made itself comfortable in McCormick’s Christmas tree. The Adelaide woman noticed the unorthodox holiday decoration on Wednesday, and immediately called 1300Koalaz, a koala charity organization. 

The hotline operator who took the call reportedly thought she was the victim of a prank. But at McCormick’s insistence, the rescue group dispatched a team. 

KOALITY CHRISTMAS 🐨🎄A curious koala became the star of this Christmas Tree, after dropping into Amanda McCormick’s house & deciding it had the koalafications to be a festive ornament. Santa’s elves @1300KOALAZ helping get the festive koala back to it’s own home.

Not quite the ordinary festive ornament – this young Koala walked into this Adelaide home, picking a Christmas Tree to hang out- getting tangled in lights along the way.

Photographs show the small animal, looking calm and serene, clinging to the side of the festive tree. However, the furry creature became more animated when the rescue workers arrived. Video footage of the rescue operation shows the koala groaning and growling as gloved workers wrapped a blanket around it and gently removed it from the tree. The koala was then placed in a cage so that it could be transported to a more accommodating eucalyptus branch. 

Look at this cutie 🐨! When the Adelaide Hills koala rescue group got a call that someone had a koala in their Christmas tree they thought it was a prank – it wasn’t. MORE:

 Social media users were delighted by the unusual holiday story. 

“Only in Oz,”remarked one Facebook user. 

Others suggested that the koala’s unexpected visit may be a sign of good luck, at least for Australians. 

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