According to him, in the capital after checking out more than 87 thousand applications. For what reasons? First, some citizens sent the application twice – one via the portal more – via “This is not a bug, but simply the duplicate applications from the same citizens,” explained Kostyrko. There are hurtful, as he put it, the reason: there are private offices on the Federal portal of public services, and to Moscow, which, apparently, had wound up on one family. They are tied to one mobile phone number. “To take part in the vote can only be a unique bundle of phone and office – said Kostyrko. We left that statement, which was filed last time.”

There are statements that are rejected due to the fact that user data was compromised and fell into the “database for sale”. There are those who have withdrawn themselves citizens.

representatives of the Public headquarters for the observation of elections announced that it would conduct a selective call Muscovites, wished to cast a vote online.

We as members of the public staff set quite a high bar in front of him to control the purity of the vote. Will try to use the maximum possible number of controls, – said the head of the electronic headquarters of Vladimir Chernetsky. – We plan to selectively call five thousand people. This is done with the help of call-center headquarters.

In the observers, who will monitor the vote, Moscow has already signed more than 20 thousand people. All polling stations except those in prison and hospitals, equipped with video cameras, the picture from there will flow to a national headquarters. All the disputed points, fixed cameras, will explore the so-called group analysis. In case of an emergency exit formed four mobile teams that will be ready to go to the site urgently. The groups will react not only on the surveillance video, but also to messages in social networks and calls on the phones of call-center operators.