Online retailers have dramatically increased the delivery time due to the growth in the number of orders

Russian online retailers have significantly increased food due to increased demand resulting from fears of the coronavirus last week in great demand among Muscovites and residents of the area enjoyed the beef tushonka Russian online retailers have significantly increased food due to increased demand resulting from fears of coronavirus
belchonock / DepositPhotos last week in great demand among Muscovites and residents of the area enjoyed the beef tushonka

the Russian online retailers have significantly increased food due to increased demand resulting from fears of the coronavirus. The retailer “Utkonos”, the largest player in the online food trade in Russia, reported an increase in orders at the weekend, almost four times compared to the figure a week earlier.

“the week proceeds received orders attached to last week at 88%, with peak orders fell on Saturday and Sunday, and growth over the weekend the money was 292% compared to the previous weekend. It is worth noting that the average check over the past week has risen to 21% compared to the first week of March,” – told “Interfax” Director of marketing and CLandcome service “Platypus Online” Mikhail Morozov.

“In the current situation it has increased the demand for grocery delivery at home. We observe that the background information agenda people are really trying to avoid crowded places and began to use the grocery delivery service more intense. The greatest demand is for goods with a long shelf life,” said he.

According to Mikhail Morozov, due to the increased number of incoming orders, the delivery time is now increased, and available time slots are closed for a few days in advance. However, the network rebuilds logistics processes continuously replenish the goods in the warehouse and hired additional staff to maintain the level of service. Morozov said that customers “Platypus” can also order goods without transportation from producthome.

Work for the shipment of goods to the warehouse is in normal mode, no interruptions, so the shortage of goods “Platypus” does not expect.

Outpacing the growth in food sales records and Ozon. “Against the background of active discussion of viral diseases many reduce visits to public places and carry purchases at online in connection with these changes, the nomenclature of purchased goods, and preferred delivery methods. For example, in a typical ordering Ozon is now almost two times more goods than a year earlier (7-8 vs. 3-5), food and FMCG firms do grow faster than normally more than two times a year”, – said Deputy General Director for relations with industry Ozon Maria Zaikina.

In the last week for 20%, and for the past three days, further increased the popularity of contactless door delivery and shipping to packstation – it accounts for over 25% of orders for Ozon.

meanwhile, Russia’s largest online retailer Wildberries, which also sells food items, did not notice abnormal growth. “We note abnormal changes in the demand for online shopping is because of the news about the coronavirus. In the period from 9 to 15 March 2020 sales at Wildberries has doubled compared to the same period last year. We attribute this to the systematic development of our Internet store: a two-fold increase of own network of points of issue of orders and expansion of product range. We do not expect delays in the supply of products from our partners and continue to deliver customers orders in a planned mode”, – said the press service of the company.

the Service of goods delivery from the food network stores iGooods reported an increase in demand for shipping in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 3-4 times over the last week. “However, not all the demand can be satisfied in view of the fact that goods on shelf run out faster than their time to re-fill. In hypermarkets at the box office queues formed because in addition to online ordering, people come into stores and make large purchases,” said Manager and co-founder of the service iGooods Grigory kunis.

the Average check, which is usually 3,5-3,6 thousand roubles, increased by 25%. The number of orders, which in February amounted to 3.7 thousand per day, increased by 30%. Often bought for long-term storage products are sugar, buckwheat, rice, pasta, canned peas, corn, beef stew and toilet paper.

According to him, in Moscow and St. Petersburg in some cases, delivery may be next day or the next day. Due to missing goods on the shelves increases the number of substitutions, because of what time of the collection order with the usual 40 minutes, increasing to 1.5 to 2 times.

“We have increased the number of buyers and couriers, but the demand still was higher than we expected,” added kunis. As a result the actual growth of delivery was 30%.

“We attribute this to the coronavirus. In the comments people write requests to the couriers to wear a medical mask if they feel the symptoms of SARS. Some couriers ask for pre-call and make a reservation under the door,” he said.

an Increased demand for products in weekend fixed services and meal deliveries. According Delivery Club, the number of orders over the past weekend increased by 22%, increase in average check was 15%.

“This comes against the backdrop of the high base – a week ago was international women’s day. To a greater extent on the growth in the number of orders impacted not those buyers who decided to take care of “stocks”, and those who prefer online order ordinary trip to the store, – noted in press service. The market for meal deliveries in Russia will be more indicative of the current week. The introduction of additional preventive measures, including a possible transition to the remote mode educational institutions and large companies, could accelerate and increase the number of orders from restaurants.”

the rise in orders and online stores, chain retailers. The number of orders for products with delivery through the application “Coswell Express” has increased in 2,5-3 times, told Manager and as a procurement network of shops “Coswell” Eugene Roman. On Monday, the company reported failures in the application and increase waiting time of delivery due to growth in the number of orders.

According to Eugene Roman, the retailer with the end of last week watching the increased demand for groups of goods which can be attributed to “calming the population.” This cereals, pasta, meat and vegetable preservation, part-frozen, non-food (anti-bacterial hand gel, facial tissues).

“But our logistics is built on daily deliveries and allows you to fully keep the situation under control. The situation remains absolutely normal and noconsiderable interruption we do not expect” – he said “Interfax”.

the Number of orders for products with delivery through the application “Coswell Express” has increased in 2,5-3 times.

In online-a supermarket “”, which carries goods from darksorrow (warehouses, which collect online orders), and also Express delivery from stores X5 the number of orders has grown significantly. “Our facilities are in full force and we are increasing resources operational delivery, the number of vehicles and couriers”, – said the representative of X5 Retail Group (“Pyaterochka”, “Perekrestok” and “Karusel”).

the Network stores also noted the growth of demand for certain goods, especially on products with greater shelf life. For example, in the “Auchan” compared to previous week sales of canned meat, and buckwheat has doubled, pasta, sugar and canned fish – by 1.5 times, while sales of toilet paper increased by 40%. Despite this, the stores cope with the load, said the representative of the retailer.

In connection with the risk of coronavirus, the company introduced new rules for its couriers. Thus, the “Platypus” offers buyers a payment online and delivery to door by courier are pre-trip inspections. Delivery agents Ozon aware of the requirements and recommendations for the prevention of viral diseases, regular pre-trip inspections and special briefings. iGooods introduces for couriers medical mask and gloves. In the application Delivery Club last week the function of the contactless delivery.