Online retailers are preparing for the delivery of OTC drugs

Russian authorities temporarily allowed home delivery of OTC medicines. Online retailers actively preparing to expand its range of medications. As noted in Ozon, the demand for them, the company started to learn more in 2018. And it turned out that the interest is truly enormous. Especially in small towns and remote areas where pharmacies are few and the range is limited. Ozon reported that the call centre of the retailer receives thousands of calls from consumers.

among the key aspects of online trade of drugs, called Ozon mandatory that organizations have the appropriate licenses. “The rules of sale of strictly regulated because of the transparency of the procedure depends on the health of the population”, — noted in the company. While Ozon has announced that testing has demonstrated the willingness of the business processes of a trading platform for immediate launch.

“the Current situation has exposed the urgent problem, showing that now online shopping and delivery for thousands or even tens of citizens might actually be the only way to obtain access to the necessary medicines, and it is very important that the first persons of the state as promptly responded to this challenge is a big step to ensure all residents a wide range of affordable medicines,” — said General Director of Ozon Alexander Shulgin.

however, he noted that there was “an important stage of detailing, which just depends on how quickly the business will be able to engage in important social history”.

Earlier in support of home delivery of drugs and alcohol expressed by the head of Sberbank German Gref. He said that currently creates a range of banking and non-banking services, with particular emphasis on the development of remote service.

“We are now working with the government and state Duma to legalize the sale of drugs and alcohol through the Internet, because for sick people is, of course, medication for those in isolation — alcohol” — quoted by TASS Gref.