Have you experienced this already? You would like to book for the next holiday, like a vacation, but find little time to do this? Online portals offer a wide range of apartments. With them the search goes quickly and easily – most of the time anyway. Well-known Search portals for holiday apartments are, for example, Atraveo.ch, Casamundo.de, Airbnb.ch, Interhome.ch, E-domizil.ch or Homeaway.ch.

the search functions of the portals to use

So that the search consumes more time than a walk to the travel Agency, have good search functions on the portals is important. In addition to the time and place of the desired criteria such as the Size of the apartment, the price and the distance to the beach or ski lift, and should not be so precise, that the Search program presents a variety of useless apartments.

comments and reviews seriously

comments and ratings can provide information on the satisfaction of previous customers. This is the use of the search, but only if those that rate were actually at the resort. Therefore, most of the portals to check whether the customers were actually there.

if you book online, you should read the terms and conditions such as payment modes, Cancellation policy, and the like exactly. In case of doubt you better telephone contact. Some providers, such as, for example, Casa Mundo.ch even set up free Hotlines.

If there is not the apartment

the Internet is not immune to scammers. And no one wants to pay for an apartment, the there are even. Therefore, it is safer to look through a Portal, where landlords simply have to place their apartments, but the Administration is running on the Portal and the customer directly from the Portal book. At Interhome.Switzerland, for example, the processing takes place completely between the Portal and the customer.

The best portals for holiday rentals in comparison

A good Portal, if you are looking for a holiday apartment for a large family and for a longer period of time. The Portal is good at search, advice, Book and Cancel and offers detailed Information on accommodation. The page is quite slow.

this booking portal offers a good search feature, most of the offers are but for a week. Anyone looking for an apartment for a week end, will have a small selection. The page is also very slow and you have to wait a long time for the results.

This Portal has view a handy map, so you can get a quick idea of where the apartment is located.

accommodation is a meta-search engine for vacation. An accommodation that you like and you will be redirected to the correct booking portal.

are perfect if you are looking for a apartment in the city for a short time.

holiday fell into the water? Can I cancel the rented accommodation yet? Here there are tips on how to avoid disappointments in the Book.