you did nothing else, as the school regulation to implement: A city of Zurich’s teacher, the parents made by letter attention to the fact that for Muslim children on the day of breaking the fast school free is and no Joker days must be used.

Nevertheless, SVP national councillor Andreas Glarner put the Letter on Tuesday, including the name and phone number on Facebook, and the call: “Maybe someone, the teacher wants to tell you what they think.”

teacher had to give class to

Glarners trailer did it. In Mass. “The teacher received a desert with threats and insults by E-Mail and phone,” says school President Roberto Rodriguez. For the Second, which is not yet 30 years old, this is “extremely difficult”. The school President: “she’s scared and is still stunned.” Your class had to give the teacher received only in March, the graduate, temporarily.

Rodriguez: “for a regulated teaching is not at present think of, unfortunately.”

A national Council, the rushes willfully against a teacher – the self-Glarners party colleagues too far. In the Federal house group, brodle, a member of Parliament who asked not to be named says.

SVP-tip does not want to comment

it is Clear SVP-Nationalrat Alfred Heer: “No politician should publicly ask a teacher in the pillory, which just makes your Job” If anything, you would have to change in the political ways of the regulation of the school.
The SVP-tip tried, however, Glarners outbreak to remain silent. Neither party leader Albert Rösti Thomas castle, President of the Aargau SVP, want to speak to.

Glarus itself is still not wrong. On the contrary, he lays still. To said Tele M1 of Aargau, he wondered if the teacher had chosen the right profession, if you are failure in their first year already.

Glarus out to talk

Also at the request of Sunday, he talks his way out: “I place great value on the fact that it is not the phone number to the private number of the teacher, but the one of the school phones.”

That the teacher receives threats or even class review, had never been his intention.

the case is not for Glarus in order. Party colleagues want to address the Causa at the group meeting from next Tuesday. And The teacher announced legal action against Glarus procedure.

This week, the parliamentary women’s group focused on at their Meeting in Bern, also dealing with provocations, hatred and threats. These are the shadow sides of the digitalisation of the Swiss democracy, and particularly affect women migrants as well as people who are defined by their sexual orientation Expo. Sometimes the Expression on politically sensitive issues such as Migration, Integration, Religion, or security policy, in order to be attacked is sufficient.

Nina Hüsser (24) from the SP Secretariat-General has presented to this Meeting, the freshly printed brochure of your party. The document contains precautions for handling haters (the Haters), as well as addresses for further assistance.

read The most important tips emails, comments, social media or other messages of any other Person and filter. “You do not need to see everything myself,” says Nina Hüsser. A good social environment is the very best support.For each Account with a private password to use. Personal Log-ins can be very fast, and abused are prevalent.No phone set of contacts to the Internet. In the worst case the numbers change.Haters on the E-Mail, phone, Whatsapp or social media block.Of hate comments on websites which you can not influence by yourself, Screenshots secure. Such contributions, Online or Social Media platforms to report and ask you to delete it or the comment function off.Threats: remain Calm, not to succumb to provocations. Police inform.

Andrea Willi Mann

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