Onishchenko commented on the discovery in Moscow apartment with 130 cats

Photo credit: the telegram-channel “Moscow news”

Being in a residential area with 130 cats, which found in an ordinary Moscow apartment, carries risks to the health of citizens. This was in conversation with Moscow 24 said the Deputy of the state Duma, the former head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko.

“the presence of such a large number of animals in an apartment of a multistory building makes life unbearable for those living in the building. This smells and unsanitary conditions. And, of course, it is dangerous to health” – said Onishchenko.

the Deputy Also noted that often the owners of apartments that have living large number of Pets, is that “people who have attitudes to medicine as patients.”

These apartments we have, unfortunately, a lot.
Gennady Eisenstatt of the state Duma

Earlier in the three-room Moscow apartment they found a cat house. Its territory is closely cohabit 130 cats. And almost all of them red, as they are each other’s relatives. According to media reports, the Muscovite picked up a pregnant cat four years ago and during this time the animals had time to breed.

As writes “MK”, two of the three rooms of this apartment belong to other owners. They have not attended the living space and come in for a checkup, only when they decided to sell their shares. Entering the apartment, they found the room more than a hundred animals.

About the cat’s house found out, and volunteers who managed to convince a woman to convey the exhausted animals to a shelter. At the moment, part of the cat has already taken to his new home, and some were taken to shelters. The apartment is still 80 individuals.

According to Professor PFUR, Deputy of the city Duma of the VI convocation Zoe Zotova, to similar situations leads to irresponsible owners. Haphazard breeding of animals brings up the fact that people start to feed them near the house or even throw newborn kittens and puppies in the package in the trash.

Owners must feel their responsibility, then such beckoneralnosti will not. I think it should be registration and neutering animals.
Zoya Sotovarischi PFUR

the Law about responsible treatment of animals is not a limit on the number of individuals contained in the home. But it said that it “is determined based on the ability of the owner to ensure the animal conditions corresponding veterinary rules and regulations, and subject to compliance with sanitary-epidemiological rules and norms” (N FZ-498, section 13).

“If such measures are applied, we do not observe a similar situation”, concluded Zotov. And added that in such cases also should pay attention to neighbors and take timely measures. The first steps may be the attraction of the precinct, Rospotrebnadzora and veterinary service.

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