At the training base in Novogorsk near Moscow continues to prepare our various men’s teams at the new Olympic discipline of 3×3 basketball. A comprehensive collection has been held for almost a month and a half, the participation of the players of the national youth (U23) and Junior (U18) teams.

Recall that in the beginning consisting of several cycles of collecting training started: already have a ticket to the Olympics in Tokyo from the national team – Daniel Abramov, Alexander Antoniewski, Nikita Barinov, Cyril Gornaev, Simon Debda, Alexander Zakharov, Alexander Zuev, Dmitry Korshakov, Maxim Staroverov, Stanislav Balls; high Junior team (under 23 years) – Vasily Berdnikov, Konstantin Grekov, Andrey Kiselev, Ivan Kuzub, V. Laptev, Shukhrat of Muradaliyev, Nikita Padun, Ivan Pyanzin, Gleb Suvorov, Alexey Toporkov, Dmitry Cheburkin, Vladislav Sharapov. Head coach – Vladimir Agababyan, the steering team and the nearest reserve – the Dmitry Zimin. Other members of staff teams: the coach on all-physical preparation (GPP) – Georgy Artemyev, trainer – Alexei Zherdev, doctors – Sergei Naumov, Igor Dyakonov, massage – Sergey Makarenko.

In early July, there was a planned rotation of players. The collection left the players of the national team debut of Gornaev, Debda; of “youth” – the Greeks, Laptev and Pyanzin. To replace them in Novogorsk arrived six, that is exactly what went on to work on the individual program. Training in Novogorsk joined Ilya Karpenko, Sergey Curves, Alexander Kuznetsov, Andrey Motiejunas, Vladislav melesh-kin and Kirill Pisklov.

in a few days took control of the tournament. Players were divided into six teams and played a number of matches in a special format – 4 minutes, to 7 points. Although the official rules do not play more than 10 minutes, or the match ends early if the leading team reaches 21 points. At a crucial stage of the tournament in Novogorsk the national team played with each other for up to 11 points. The real situation showed that the coaching staff has made the perfect package of a struggle from the point of view of equality of forces. Just four teams in the round Robin of the six teams finished with record 3 wins – 2 losses.

In the final control of the competition, the top three abramovskiy-Korshakov-Padun took over the team under the conditional second Zuev-Kiselev-Sharapov (11:5), in the match for third place Karpenko-puffins-Balls won. Meleshkina-Suvorov-Cheburkina. At the fifth position in the final classification of the tournament on the grounds of Novogorsk – Berdnikov, Curves, Kuznetsov, Conservatives. In sixth place – Antoniewski, Kuzub, Motiejunas, Pisklov.

a Few days ago before the start of the third meaning cycle, the preparation of derivative��La another rotation candidates. Although, to be precise, it started training the Junior national team (under 18), which in the foreseeable future will be involved in the world Cup among teams of the respective age category. In the suburbs came Ivan Zimin (CSKA), Alexey lahov, Leonid Tarasov and Stepan Chizhikov (all – MBA, Moscow). Training process the older “youth” U-23 joined Maxim Lichutin. At the same time, the collection left Zakharov, Kuzub, of Muradaliyev, Padun and puffins. That is, it was already the second rotation, after which the total number of participants remained unchanged at 22 players.

– To start collecting players for a long time existed in the conditions of self-organization loads were in isolation. Difficult situation. Now approach the coaching staff is this: the more players, review – the better, the more information for consideration, – said the coach of the national team Vladimir Agababyan.

Recall that the Russian men’s team, as well as our women’s team, will perform at the Olympics in Tokyo without participating in any training. The Russians made it to Japan on the rights of the respective leaders of the world rankings of the International basketball Federation (FIBA). And in this rating took into account comprehensively not only sporting results, but also the degree of activity of the national federations in the development of the discipline “3×3 basketball”, the activity of countries in hosting domestic and international tournaments. Objectively here, not to mention far-sighted policy of the head of the League of Andrei Kirilenko, who was originally attached to the development of 3×3 basketball and its promotion increased value. Although Sam-Kirilenko is a master of familiar, classic basketball. He many seasons spent in the NBA, won the “gold” of European championship in 2007 and bronze Olimpiady-2012.

the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 international competition calendar of 3×3 basketball for the season 2020 has undergone tremendous changes for the worse. But hope for the resumption of tournaments under the auspices of FIBA is now. For the foreseeable future in the FIBA schedule are the Junior (under 18) world Cup 25 to 30 August in Hungarian city of Debrecen and the Cup of Europe on 23-26 September in Antwerp (Belgium). However, the calendar may change depending on the current situation of coronavirus.