Onf experts said, as is the case with the road to schools in the regions

Alexander, you have prepared “road map” for regions with 220 specific locations where there are dangerous roads to school. Can you name the regions which do not react to recommendations?

Alexander Vasiliev, member of the Central headquarters of the popular front: Regions-outsiders who have not removed deficiencies at hazardous road sections in educational institutions are known: Primorsky Krai, Ulyanovsk, Samara, Yaroslavl region. Here the activists of the popular front revealed dozens of dangerous sites, and municipal authorities refuse to eliminate defects and to equip the territory near schools according to national standards, citing the lack of funds in the budget. We understand that local authorities are not always able to find the money. Need more regional or Federal program.

Photo: Svetlana Dobrynina To study the boy from the Ural village gets on the horse

is there any punishment for officials who do not fulfill the work on the road map?

Alexander Vasilyev: there are several options: from public censure to attorney. And already been precedents when the case came to court.

Yuri, I do not have time by law determine the punishment for a bad way to school? For example, in a dark alley something happened with the child, then the one who is responsible for the police – a fine and maybe jail…

Yuri Svitkin, member of the regional headquarters of the popular front in the Krasnoyarsk territory, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense: this process has involved all Supervisory structure. Including law enforcement agencies. But understand that the effect will not be, if only to punish. Need to involve control and discussedUW options for how to provide the best and most safe path to school parents, teachers and the public. When conducted raids in the Krasnoyarsk region, always took the traffic police representative of the Department of transport, Department of education. And then decide where you want the markup to be done, where to put lights.

the Road as a potentially dangerous object, is not the best way to school. And the horse is fine and well, however, to school on such vehicles to ride hard.

As the Deputy took the initiative to strengthen the responsibility of regional authorities in the allocation of funds from the regional road funds. And to set the priority for the maintenance of roads and landscaping in the vicinity of schools and other educational institutions. At the municipal level – to toughen responsibility for the quality of work in the vicinity of schools.

Can you name the cases when the head of the municipality affected in a bad way to school?

Photo: fku UPRDOR Moscow-Kharkov Why children from the village near Yekaterinburg forced to go to school on the highway

Fatima Barkhanoev, co-regional headquarters of the popular front in Ingushetia: I had a case last year in the rural settlement of Plievo. We are the first school in this village. The children drew their routes to school. Identified streets that need additional lighting. At the “round table” invited the head of the municipality, the representative of traffic police, the Director of the school. The head of the rural settlement suddenly said, and I did not go to school children, they are not. Now in Plievo the other head of the settlement, the two streets are already lit. I’m sure that the civil position of the head of administration in such matters playsRoy a crucial role.

We want to return to the publication which appeared in “RG” in the fall of 2019. We are talking about the station Arbekovo in Penza region. The school is only five minutes to go, but we need to overcome rail journey. No controlled crossing or an overpass here. Children sometimes have to climb under the cars. Recently our correspondent visited the place and took the video. What has changed? Came transport Prosecutor, said that RZD is ready for co-financing to make overhead crossing. But city hall can’t even develop the project documentation.

Sergey Melnikov, head of the regional Executive Committee of the popular front in Penza region: Thanks to “RG” we do know about this problem. And we’re going to negotiate with Russian Railways and the administration of the city to a normal transition. In addition, it is possible to organize vehicular traffic. There is the road that leads to housing estates. And Arbekovo is a dirt road, so the transportation of children is impossible to organize. We will seek to include it in the “Safe and high quality roads” to transport children to school and back.

the Question of the partner of the “Russian newspaper”Under the supervision

Crimean news Agency: Can the municipalities to install cameras on the routes of students? They have such a right, duty?

Alla Vertinskaya, head of the regional Executive Committee of the popular front in the Republic of Crimea: this legislation is necessary to deal. Before the arrival of the “hotline” we have conducted raids at schools, which have us on special control. For example, we have long been concerned about the school N 17 in Simferopol. Pedestrian crossing on the approach to it is landscaped, and meets the new national standards. But after that the child needs another 150 meters to go along the road where in some places there is no sidewalk. And to go into the main entrance of the school to cross the busy road. Compounding matters, hthen in front of the main entrance of the sector actually captured foot part and in the middle of the sidewalk installed the fence of mesh netting.

a Week ago, the boy who left school, got hit by a car and fled the accident scene. Well, which is the main entrance to the school installed a surveillance camera. The culprit is now seeking. The road to school for children was safe, requires a range of measures, including surveillance cameras. Especially it is important to include where these passages are included in the traffic scheme. Because almost all the parks cameras are installed, why not equip them and areas adjacent to schools in order to improve the safety of children who go to school.


full text of “the hot line” can be found on the website “RG”.