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one in three norwegians is of high risk and can develop serious disease of the covid-19, including pneumonia and shortness of breath, according to the acting assistant director in the directorate of Health, Espen Nakstad.

We are in a situation where we should crack down on the virus, but there may come a situation with a large spread. We are particularly concerned about vulnerable groups, and a third is a part of this group. There is 1.6 million people, ” says Nakstad.

LARGE AFFLICT: Nearly every third Norwegian can develop serious illness, according to the ministry of Health.

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– There is a very high number?

We are a population with many older people, and there are many people in the Uk who have other diseases. But it is important to say that even if you are high risk, it does not mean that one becomes seriously ill. The vast majority will still get mild symptoms, but they are extra såbare, says Nakstad.

He adds that anyone with reduced immune systems should be extra vigilant.

Read about the b vaccination programs here Bent High: – Pass extra good to yourself

On Folkehelseinstituttets and Health the Norwegian pages, is it still that most people who become infected by koronavirus likely will have mild respiratory symptoms that will go over by itself, while some will get more serious disease including pneumonia and shortness of breath.

Until now, FHI and the Health of Norway stated that there are the following groups have a higher risk for severe disease of the covid-19:

Older (over 65, but particularly those over 80 years old)

People with hjertekarsykdom

Persons with chronic lung disease

People with impaired immune systems

People with diabetes

People with cancer

Based on the unpublished data can also smoking and obesity increase the risk

ADVICE: health minister comes with specific advice as to how the in the risk group should act.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

It is emphasized that it is especially older people who have other risk factors that can have serious progression.

we are Now going with clear advice about how those who are high risk can fit extra well on themselves, says health minister Bent High.

He urges in general, all in the b vaccination programs to be at home, and family and friends to make sure to not get infected, keep your hands clean, step down on physical visits and stepping up on the phone calls.

Measures may last up to 18 months

yesterday wrote national television about how Norway might not want to return to normal before there is a vaccine. Director of the Norwegian institute of public health, Camilla Stoltenberg, said she thought the norwegians must prepare to live with measures in at least 18 months.

– In light of the fact that it has been promoted that the measures can last for 18 months, because it can take 18 months before it comes to a vaccine, some have been uncertain. It is a political decision with action. We do not see as restrictive measures over time, ” says the director of the Norwegian institute of public health, Line Violence.

She tells us now that efforts are being made with the increase in the capacity for testing and smittesporing. So far it is reported 3156 confirmed infected.

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