One of the last Auschwitz died of coronavirus

One of the last surviving prisoners of Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz Henri Kichka died in a nursing home in Brussels from the consequences of the disease COVID-19 95-m to year of life, said his son, Michel Kichka.

As reported in the Sunday newspaper, The Brussels Times, Henri worked hard to bring the truth about the Holocaust to the younger generation.

“Microscopic virus has achieved what has not succeeded the whole Nazi army. My father survived the death March. But today it ended the March of the living”, – reports Deutche Welle words of Michel the Bun. He also said that he was able to talk to my father for the last time on the phone the morning of 25 April.

Henri Kichka was born in Brussels in 1926 in a Jewish family of Polish origin. His parents fled to the West from anti-Semitic persecution in Eastern Europe. In 1942, after the occupation of Belgium by Nazi Germany mother and father Henri was deported. His sisters, aunt and mother later sent to the gas chambers in Auschwitz.

Who said that one day, the world was 84 thousand 900 new cases and 6 million deaths 018. Thus, as of 11.00 GMT, the total number of infected COVID-19 in the world has increased to 2 million 804 thousand 796, the number of deaths has reached 193 thousand 722.

Some countries Monday to weaken the restrictions imposed in connection with the spread of the coronavirus.