Denmark, with distance the best tennis player is far away from Denmark. And far away from the danes ‘ minds.

while many eyes for Caroline She retirement now directed towards the young Holger Rune and Clara Tauson, so banks 25-year-old Mikael Torpegaard to the yellow ball of many thousands of kilometers away from the Danish tennis courts with great success.

Recently, he ended an excellent week, when he on Sunday went all the way and won the Challenger tournament, the Cleveland Open. And it is not a coincidence. The best ranked tennis player is now a place that promises well for the future.

“I actually feel that it is right now is the best feeling I have had in my career. I am a really good place mentally, and I understand everything in a different way than I have done in the past,” says Torpegaard to the B. T.

The 193 centimetres tall tennis player has since 2014 been present in the UNITED states, where he until 2018 went on the Ohio State University. A place, he has since chosen to keep in.

“I’ve sacrificed a lot to come up, where I lie now, and in this situation, but there was no doubt that if I wanted something with my career after college, so it was over here.”

It means that Mikael Torpegaard, that right now ranks as number 177 in the world, has a fully professional setup – private trainer, physical trainer, mental trainer and dietitian.

All the while he trains each day on the runways and on the facilities, as he has done since he crossed the Atlantic.

the 25-year-old dane, according to him also all the pre-requisites that need to be in order to be able to break through and achieve the goals that he repeatedly brings up in the course of the interview.

“My goal is to get in the top-100 in the season, and I feel as is certainly realistic. I have felt, ever since I started here. I’m certainly not out here just to kill time. My all-clear and realistic objectives in the first instance, to be among the hundred best.”

But it does not end there.

“If I can find the level, as I had at several different times during the the here tournament, so there is no doubt in my head that I should probably come up in the top-50.”

Mikael Torpegaard cares not the least about the fact that he has reached 25 years of age and therefore no longer can ‘defend’ himself to be a young talent, who need some years to break through on the big stage.

the average Age in top 100 is also, at 28 years old, and therefore is the Danish hope also more than confident when it comes to get the final breakthrough.

“It’s not because I’m busy. I still have a lot of good years yet, though I’d like to jump up faster than the average. But it’s no use to think that way.”

For now it is about to do more of it, as was the case in Cleveland. To work hard again to achieve the feeling that hit him after Sunday’s cup.

“It was like a big weight fell from the shoulders. It was a little easier to get up and go to training, than it was a week ago,” he says, and continues:

“It is quite clear the winnings, which makes it more fun to continue to train as hard as I do. This is what I’m working towards, and it feels great.”

The good beats the formstærke dane, appropriate take on, when he soon takes the long journey from the Ohio to the Match to join the Danish Davis Cup crew.

Here, Denmark 6. and 7. march, in action against Puerto Rico in World Group or World Group II Playoffs.