One mobile operator suggested the Russians eSIM

to connect to the network without buying a physical SIM card, if supported by the device eSIM technology will soon allow another Russian mobile operator – “Tinkoff mobile”. The company stressed the uniqueness of his proposal: in contrast to eSIM connection Tele2, to visit the office is not necessary.

the Design and connection of eSIM in the coming days it will be possible for any client already using Bank products “Tinkoff” in the app. The service will be available in all 63 Russian regions, where there is a network of “Tinkoff mobile” (the operator works on the infrastructure of Tele2).

Those who do not use other products “Tinkoff” unable to connect eSIM to arrange any Bank card company. After this, you will need to leave the application on the website; the following settings are made through the application of “Tinkoff mobile” using QR code or manually.

eSIM can be used in the scenario where you are migrating your number from another operator. The representatives of “Tinkoff mobile” they say that the provision of services eSIM has been agreed with government agencies and all necessary permits obtained.

Text: To.Hi-tech