the ‘Area 51’ has for decades been the main focus for a lot of speculation. The military area is suspected to be a place where the u.s. government doing research in alien.

Now there started a big movement on Facebook, which will storm the place, and it has grown so big, that several well-known have interfered in the debate, and the story has spread to various media outlets the world over.

for Example, ungdomsmagasinet Teen Voque made an article held in a humorous tone, which comes with suggestions for how the more than one million subscribers are invited to dress fashionable 20. september, where the event is set to take place.

It may, however, prove that the day becomes anything other than fun, if they signed up run into ‘Area 51’, but we will return to.

the Event was created on Facebook, called ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’ (translated: ‘Storm Area 51, they can’t stop all of us’, red.) and is however started by a page, who is usually behind the humorous and frivolous postings. Anyway, it seems to, that any of the entries takes the project seriously and even hope to meet ‘aliens’.

Expert Henrik Breitenbauch, who is the head of the Centre for Military Studies at Copenhagen University, says that the UNITED states has had a crucial importance for the western nato effort, and that it can be flight testing in the ‘Area 51’, which has started the various rumors about ufo’s and the like.

“the UNITED states was in fierce competition during, for example, The Cold War, and they therefore wanted to keep the information on their nato technology very secret,” he says.

He believes it is a stupid idea to enter the military area.

“Like we know it from Denmark, so is the country divided in civil and military areas, and the military use of space to, for example, marksmanship, and other tests,” he says.

the Event is, however, of several celebrities featured in a good mood, which also initially seemed to be supposed. For example, popdrengen Kevin Jonas from first Jonas Brothers had a humorous approach to invaderingen of the department in a lookup, he has shared with his more than five million followers on Twitter.

Here beats the musician on their upcoming reunion concert tour can swing past the 20. september. And also the rapper Lil Nas X has made a remix of his biggest hit, dedicated to the invasion.

But takes one spokeswoman Laura McAndrews from the u.s. air force seriously so is an intrusion on the area not to be trifled with.

“All attempts illegally to enter military facilities or military training areas are dangerous,” she said, according to The New York Times.

Anyway, it seems that people are on the way. According to an owner of the hotel, The Little A’Le’Inn, they have got lots of bookings to just 20. september, where the event is scheduled to take place.

“My poor bartender walked past me today and said ‘I’m sorry to tell you this, but all the phone calls I have received on the 20. september’,” says the owner, according to The New York TImes. However, she is in no doubt that there are any up.

“They’re coming. People come,” she rolls fast.