Harry Styles (25) speaks in an Interview with “Rolling Stone” about the recording process of his second Solo album. In the past few months, the One Direction Star has worked in the famous Shangri-La Studios in Malibu, California on his new plate and handle to drugs, as he suggests.

“We have taken a lot of mushrooms,” says the British pop star. The hallucinogenic fungi played an important role in the creative process of his new album.

“Tried to sing, while me blood Styles told out of the mouth

” floss “We have the mushrooms, lay in the Grass and Paul McCartney’s “Ram heard” in the sun”. The drugs were coated with chocolate and in the Studio-the refrigerator. During the tour, in the Studio Styles shows in a corner and says: “There I was, as we have taken mushrooms and I bit my tongue tip. I tried to sing, while me and blood began to flow from the mouth. So many memories here.” For six weeks, had entrenched Styles in Malibu.

One Direction are not excluded Comeback

In an Interview, the musician also talks about a possible Comeback of One Direction. He did not know whether the time of the Band, which announced in 2015, a time-out was over. “I don’t think I would have to say, I’ll never do it more – because that’s the way I feel. We can make it only if we want it all really. Until then, I enjoy to make music and to experiment.”

of friendship to his former Band-mate Niall Horan (25), Liam Payne (25), Louis Tomlinson (27) and Zayn Malik (26) was also intact after the end of One Direction. “Definitely. Because we are the people who have been through together. This will not always connect, even if we are close. Just because you are in a Band, it is not necessary to be the best of friends. (…) We made this cool thing, and that will stay with us forever.” (kad)