Every weekend, the staff of the Moscow libraries tell which books are best to read with children and by children.

Chief librarian children’s library No. 133 Hope Queen recommends books by shel Silverstein and Kenneth Graham, as well as the novel “Sannikov Land” by Vladimir Obruchev.

“Lafcadio, or the lion who shot back” by shel Silverstein

American writer Shel Silverstein came up with an amazing story of a brave lion who defeated the hunters. As you know, this is not an ordinary lion: he has an amazing wit. And wears human clothes and is fond of sweets. And generally feels human. One day he decides to swap roles with the hunters and see what happens. The book is funny and at the same time a little sad: what will happen to the lion if he cease to be themselves?

The smallest will be very interesting to listen to the text, looking at the illustrations, which, incidentally, also created by the author. Shel Silverstein is a veteran of the Korean war known as a cartoonist and songwriter for many American performers — Tompall Glaser, Loretta Lynn, johnny cash and others. He didn’t plan to become a children’s writer — writing for kids he started on the advice of the editor of the publishing house, which made the cartoons. “Lafcadio” he calls his beloved from his children’s books.

“half a giraffe” by shel Silverstein

the book of Silverstein good read with the family, everyone will find something for themselves. So I want to recommend another work of the author — “half a giraffe”. This is a long — over 40 pages — and a very funny poem. In this book, as in the previous, black-and-white illustrations. I think it’s a good thing: kids can your imagination paint the picture the right paints.

Pictures absolutely inseparable from the text, to follow it is necessary. First, the author puts on the giraffe all imaginable and unimaginable — hat, snake, Bicycle, and so forth, and then slowly it takes.

Why giraffes and a half? Read and find out!

“the wind in the willows” by Kenneth Grahame

the Book “the wind in the willows” by Scottish writer Kenneth Grahame was published in 1908, but the interest in this story does not pass and 100 years later. Cute touching story about uncle Rat, Mole, Mr. Badger and Mr. Jabba Graham wrote to his son of Alaster, who was four years old. Rather, he first told them to him before bed, and then decided to make their inventions book. The special charm of the story gives the scene — a river in the countryside of old England.

“the wind in the willows” glorified the author. In 1949, the Walt Disney studios used his stories for the cartoon “the adventures of Ichabod and Mr Tthe OAD”.

“Pollyanna” Elinor porter

I think that children it is very helpful to read good uplifting books such as “Pollyanna”. The usual life of the main character, 10-year-old Pollyanna, collapsing like a house of cards: the parents die and it takes her grumpy aunt. But she will be able to adapt to any challenging circumstances. Once upon a time a father came up to her game in the joy that was to find positive moments even in the most hopeless situation. And this skill is not just rescued the heroine.

“Pollyanna” — the most famous book by American writer Eleanor porter, she wrote it in 1913. Loved her immediately and readers, and critics, it has become one of the major bestsellers of the year. And two years later, porter has created a sequel, “Pollyanna grows up”. In 1920, in Hollywood came the film “Pollyanna” in which the main role was played by silent film star Mary Pickford.

“Sannikov Land” by Vladimir Obruchev

“Sannikov Land” will appeal to those who like to read about travel and the natural Sciences. Vladimir Obruchev — a scientist, a geologist, geographer, popularizer of science — childhood was reading the novels of Jules Verne and James Fenimore Cooper and dreamed of writing a book about the adventure.

I like how vividly and authentically described here all: and how a small expedition looking for the transition through the ring of towering mountains and how to ride a dog sled on the frozen sea, and as the Blizzard starts. Very interesting Obruchev weaves into the text her knowledge of Geology and paleontology — will not be bored!

“Sannikov Land” was published in 1924, and after almost 50 years at “Mosfilm” did the adaptation. Film albert Mkrtchyan and Leonid Popov is probably familiar to many parents. And if not — it’s a great excuse to watch it together after reading.

“Bridge to Terabithia” Katherine Paterson

In a class that is studying 10-year-old Jesse Irons, comes a new girl named Leslie Burke. It just seems the guys are a little weird, in addition, it appears that in her home not even a TV. But the girl has a very vivid imagination (she is from a family of writers) and it is possible to speak about anything. Soon Jesse and Leslie become best friends and come up with your own special place — the Kingdom of Terabithia. They make up stories about the glorious civilians and hostile to the evil messengers of the Lord and much more interesting. A great book about friendship, dreams, imagination, and loss.

the American writer Katherine Paterson in 1978, a year after publication, received for his novel the Newbery medal — a prestigious literary award. In addition, her other books were awarded a medal of the Hans Christian Andersen prize and the Astrid Lindgren.