This week, surprised the ZSC Lions with the obligation of train defender Johan Morant. The 33-year-old Frenchman with a Swiss license changes starting next season with a two-year contract to Zurich.

it comes with all the Fans well. Firstly, because of the advanced age of the defensive player. To the other, because I stand with the people of Zurich in the past on war foot. In 2011, he broke the Lions legend Mathias Seger in a preparation game in a brawl, the yoke leg. And in the following spring, the former Bern-defender beat in the Playoff Final as of the senses Cyrill Bühler in the back of the neck. “Morant has only one brain cell”, ranted Lions CEO Peter Zahner at that time.

“Our talents need two, three years,”

He is expected to have not a little astonished, as the head of sports, Sven Leuenberger, who was then still at the SCB operates, arrived with Morant. “This is already so long that I remember almost it,” says Zahner, the way the case – understandably – don’t want to warm up. Comments on Social Media, he does not follow. “I don’t do that anymore in General, when it comes to the ZSC Lions. That helps me nothing.”

The question arises, nevertheless, whether the Lions with the largest Junior Department in Europe have a defender in their ranks that you could follow. “No, we don’t have at the Moment. Our talents need two, three years of development and experience. And you don’t know if you don’t want to go abroad.”

4 Swiss defenders with the leaking of the contract

the 58-Year-old laments: “The player market is brutally limited.” It wouldn’t be surprised if the discussion about an increase in the number of Foreigners coming very soon back on the table.

In the case of the ZSC Lions have with Tim Berni, the it moves to North America, Dave Sutter, who plays Rikard Grönborg only a supporting role, Phil Baltisberger and the 36-year-old Severin blind Bacher four Swiss defenders expiring contracts. This is also why the Zurich Lugano are hot on Berns expensive defenseman Calle Andersson (25).