It seems to be an annoying trend with the men that will be caught by the police, in the face of the country in question, to spit or to cough. Event in Deurne, the netherlands, and a google translation is available all of the incidents, on Thursday there were again two factors.

In a press release to let the public prosecutor’s office in Antwerp to know that the Friday the two men will be brought before the examining magistrate. First husband of 44 years old, it was a Thursday at around 15: 30 the police Model is stopped at the Oelegemsesteenweg in Wommelgem. The officers observed four occupants inside the car were, which is not allowed according to the coronarichtlijnen. One of the passengers, a man of Polish origin, from Kruibeke, sent me immediately to be aggressive, to spit at the officers and for them to be offended by. Also, if the police are after him, with a protective mask and wanted to set up, was he, and he cried out that he was infected with the new corona virus. In the cell, he continued to be aggressive, and are spat out again into the ear of the superintendent.

Later in the day, there was an incident at the Schijnpoortweg in Antwerp, belgium. The POLICE in Antwerp controlled at around 19: 30 on the east side, some traffic offenses committed. The 38-year-old driver was immediately aggressive in the loose hit, on which he, in the face of the inspector, to spit out, and also called out to be infected with the virus.

The public prosecutor’s office is asking for the two men and the arrest of the judge. The facts are that both dossiers are classified as the threat of a terrorist attack involving hazardous substances, and resistance.

The public prosecutor’s office acts strictly against this kind of offences, with sentences from 3 months to 2 years and / or fines of up to 400 up to 2.400 euros.

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