– If we consider it possible to forecast that the fall should we expect a second wave of disease, we must be ready in advance, – said Dmitry Artyukhov. – Therefore, it was decided to build an infectious centers in Novy Urengoy and Salekhard. This pre-fabricated buildings, the technology of their construction has been disbursed by the military in different parts of the country. But the objects will be high-quality, fully meeting the climatic conditions of the far North, and therefore, will last for decades. And importantly, these centers will have the most modern medical equipment.

the Head of Yamal stressed that the experience of dealing with COVID-19 showed the importance of creating a backup of the beds, because the disease is spreading actively, and it carries simultaneously a large number of people. Now in region 1113 created beds for the treatment of coronavirus infection, which is two times higher than the Federal standard. Half of them equipped with oxygen.

the Centers can be used not only for treatment of a coronavirus, but also for other medical needs. In fact, they are multifunctional.

Workers have already started preparing sites. In Salekhard the center will be erected on the territory of the greenhouse complex in Novy Urengoy selected location close to the Central city hospital. These days, the creation of projects based on terrain and climatic conditions.

As already reported, “RG”, in may, the Yamal Peninsula was recognized as a leader in the country in the number of tests for the coronavirus. The region around Moscow, topped the rating testing COVID-19 per one hundred thousand population.

– the district operates a network of modern laboratories and as a result is one of the most widespread tests for coronavirus, – said the head of the operational headquarters of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district Deputy Governor of Yamal Tatiana Buckova. – On the one hand, this tactic gives us a significant increase in the number of cases, because we primarily identify asymptomatic – those who are not aware of their disease, but can infect others. But these figures let you know where there are pockets of who is a carrier of the infection. This prevents widespread COVID-19 in the region.

In the diagnosis of coronavirus in Yamal involved fourteen laboratories. Nine of them operate on the basis of district and municipal hospitals in all cities of Yamal Salekhard, Noyabrsk (two laboratories), Novy Urengoy, Nadym, Tarko-Fat, Labytnangi, Muravlenko and Gubkinsky. Four laboratory belongs to Center for hygiene and epidemiology in the YNAO. One private laboratory operates in Noyabrsk. To date, the district conducted more than 176 thousand tests.