MOSCOW, may 4/ Radio Sputnik. Installation of a memorial plaque Vlasov in Prague is a clear concession to those who seek to revise the results of world war II, said the Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic.

last Friday, radio Sputnik reported that in the outlying Prague district of Reporyje (Řeporyje) began to erect a monument to the members of the Russian liberation army (ROA).

the Embassy noted that the construction of monuments is an internal matter of the state “whose citizens themselves choose their heroes.” The demolition of the monument to Marshal Ivan Konev in Prague and the installation of a memorial plaque to the Vlasov says that on whose side the sympathy of some political forces in the Czech Republic, said the Embassy.

the Third of April in Prague 6 dismantled monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev. In the Main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee (SK) Russia on April 10 opened a criminal case under part 3 of article 354.1 of the criminal code (desecration of symbols of Russia’s military glory, committed publicly).

Earlier on Monday, radio Sputnik reported that the Russian foreign Ministry invited the authorities of the Czech Republic to discuss the protection of monuments.

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