They are called ” The fantastic 4 “, ” Funky family “, ” club 5 “, “If the family” for the rap version, or “une famille formidable” for the reference to the television series of the 1990s. According to a survey commissioned by the magazine, Really the FIFG in the spring of this year, 52% of the French use in their family the instant messaging WhatsApp, the small green icon of Silicon Valley, and half of them think that the application has changed their family relationships.

This started as a good idea. As a technological tool that allows to aggregate in the same place people in remote locations. Nadia (the names have been changed), 22 years old, is a party in another city for his studies of commerce. Out of sight, but not out of mind, his parents bought smartphones, and she and her three brothers and sisters were all found on WhatsApp. “I told myself that it was going to maintain the links, that it was a digital version and portable of my family. “

Submit its decisions to the appobation of “THE family”

The group, called “THE family” and surrounded by two large hearts red, lives gently at first : a photo of the cat, flowers planted in the garden by mum, coffee in the sun taken by the brother, a set of postcards reassuring. “I had a little trouble the only one to decide of my new life : what soap to buy ? how much pasta should we put them in a saucepan to a person ? red or blue shoes ? “

Nadia was quickly submitted some of its decisions to the approval of the ” family “. “I realized that I was becoming a little dependent. At the slightest sign of annoyance or hesitation, I took out my cell phone and I was asking for a opinion. “And the more we request for an opinion, the less one takes of decisions, after all the rules of sociology behavioral.

Nadia was especially regretted that all these small…