It grew last summer like a flower on the asphalt, the HoneyRose Hotel. Where there was once a wasteland, here is this elegant building with a look inspired by the 1920s (a design in collaboration with Atelier Zébulon Perron) which restores luster to the nerve center of De Maisonneuve and De Bleury.

On the ground floor there is a magnificent brasserie. In the kitchen, chef Gregory Faye, a regular at hotel establishments (W Montreal, Hotel Place d’Armes, Maison Boulud), leads the way, with the contribution of his sous-chef Marie Rougier.

He offers well-mastered French brasserie cuisine, which visits several classics: onion soup, leek vinaigrette, Niçoise salad, homemade foie gras, veal tartare (phenomenal!). Not to be missed, because it’s the chef’s specialty: the photogenic slice of pâté en croute, with button mushroom jelly and candied shallots.

On the dessert side, it’s also solid, thanks to the contribution of pastry chef Élia Cirasaro, whose divine pavlova with almonds and blackberries we tasted. The place also offers a coffee counter, for those mornings in a hurry, as well as another Californian-inspired restaurant, Muze Lounge.