a month Ago, Roberto Cirillo (48) took up his post as chief Executive officer. He’s be down-to-earth, all the postal workers are on first-name terms. “For our employees, I’m Robert,” says the Ticino in an Interview in the staff newspaper of the yellow giant.

Still, he will be introduced by his predecessor, Ulrich Hurni (60).”I’m here if he needs me,” he says. “But Roberto is able to lead the Post on its way,” says Hurni. “He knows big corporations.”

Still, it goes to Cirillo all about the group and its employees. He has not replaced the Topkadern, but also to shame, every employee at the headquarters to shake personally.

“I’m going to learn a lot”

The letter and parcel centre in Härkingen, he has paid already a visit. Soon, he will accompany a letter carrier on his delivery tour. Even behind the post office counter Cirillo, the operation. “I’m going to try it. I don’t know if I am qualified. But I’m sure I’ll learn a lot,” says Cirillo.

Quickly, he recognized how much he stands with his Job in the focus of the media. “The extent of the coverage of the my company is new. I have never experienced.” He brings understanding. “Our owner is the Federal government, the Post is so very exposed in the Public.”

connecting to the Primary the good reputation

Ulrich Hurni is in conversation with his successor to be self-critical: “I am handing over a company whose reputation has suffered as a result of the events in the last year.” For Cirillo is clear: “the reputation of the Post, is sure to be something from the most Important.”

Cirillo got his statements on the subject of public Service shows that he thinks in the medium term. “From my Childhood I know that we have enabled the Post to benefit from the services, to which we had in our village would not otherwise have access.”

that is Exactly what he wanted today. And in the future. “The relevance of our services is high. I want to ensure that you it is also in 10 or 20 years.” (pbe)