Amber Heard’s behavior in court is fundamentally different from the way Johnny Depp presents himself. While the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star always keeps her distance from Amber Heard, she calls him “Johnny”. The 58-year-old also avoids any eye contact with his ex. But why?

On May 16, the trial between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continued. Among other things, it is about violence in their marriage, sexual assault, damage to their reputation and mutual accusations of defamation. But since the trial began, Depp has avoided eye contact with his ex, to whom he was married from 2015 to 2017, while Heard often makes eye contact. Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez now comes up with an amazing explanation.

As reported by, Vasquez asked Amber Heard during the trial, “Mr. Depp didn’t even look at her during the whole trial, did he?” “Not that I noticed,” Heard replied, to the same extent as Vasquez to be confronted with the next question: “You, on the other hand, kept looking over there?” Heard could only answer in the affirmative and also confirmed that she also knew exactly why Depp avoided eye contact.

Following this questioning, Vasquez played an audio recording from a recent meeting between the two actors, which featured Heard asking her ex to give her a goodbye hug. What is odd about the date itself is that Heard apparently insisted on the meeting, even though she herself had obtained a restraining order against Depp.

The actor had told his lawyers that he only agreed to the date, which took place in a San Francisco hotel in 2016, because he hoped “she would take back her lies.”

After listening to the audio recording, Vasquez returned to her opening question. “He kept his promise?” she asked, referring to Depp’s alleged statement that Heard would never see his eyes again. And the actress replied, “As far as I know, he can’t look at me.” Only to be immediately corrected by Depp’s attorney with the phrase, “He’s not going to look at her, is he Ms. Heard?” But Heard contradicted again: “He can’t.”

So here is statement against statement. Is Depp avoiding eye contact because he “doesn’t have the guts” to “even look at Ms. Heard,” as a rep for the actress previously suggested? Or is Johnny Depp just keeping his promise to put an end to his connection with Heard?

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