“On a Single portal of public services doctors and health workers working with infected new coronavirus infection, can leave complaints on the lack of incentive payments. To have a section for cases of physicians has instructed Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at the meeting of may 15, 2020”, – stated in the message.

In the instructions to use the “hot line”, States that it is intended “for health care workers who have not received proper incentive payments for special working conditions and the additional burden to provide medical assistance to citizens who are diagnosed with novel coronavirus infection and persons at risk of infection Covid-19”.

“the statement must indicate the name of the region in which you work, the category of health workers, health facility name, and the month for which payment was not received”, – reported on the portal of public services.

As already reported, “RG”, may 15, at the meeting dedicated to the construction of medical centers, Vladimir Putin was indignant with a situation with additional payments to physicians, calling them “bureaucratic thread”.

the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin on Saturday, may 16, stated that the situation with delays of any payments to medical workers combating coronavirus should not be repeated.

“I Beg you to join with regional leaders to monitor not only the delivery of funds to health facilities, but the payment to each individual provider, and to report to me on Monday (18 may),” – quoted premiere of “Vesti”.

Funds for the provision of incentive payments to medical and other workers directly involved in the provision of medical assistance to citizens who are diagnosed with novel coronavirus infection, were allocated to the budgets of constituent entities of the Russian Federation in accordance with RF government Decree No. 484 dated April 12, 2020.