On the weapon instead of licenses will be issued plastic cards

“We are not standing still and of great help in solving the problems of Informatization was the inclusion in the Federal project “Digital public administration” national programme “Digital economy of the Russian Federation” activities of Regardie. They include the establishment in 2019-2021 years of Federal platform to control the trafficking of firearms and management of security services”, – said the Director of Regardie.

Photo: Press-service of Regardie Russia will introduce a ban on the manufacture and resale of decommissioned weapons

According to Viktor Zolotov, this project is very promising – it is based on Russian software and hardware solutions, which in the future will provide a number of advantages. “First, there is a single electronic communication in the trafficking of weapons: weapon factories, legal entities engaged in trade, storage or use of a weapon in the performance of their statutory tasks, shooting facilities and gun owners. Second, is the transition to “paperless” technology of transitioning to the registered model and the issuance of electronic licenses and permits. That is, instead of 15 different licenses and 19 approvals for weapons you can obtain one plastic card,” – said the head of Regardie.

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