the column about me write”, you said and laughed. That I can’t comply with, I knew in the first few seconds of our encounter. To interesting our conversation is, to love exciting your life, to be worthy of your Person. So let me the story of our journey by train to tell:

rise in Bern and sit next to me. Your escort takes vis-à-vis space. Read the Sunday view that lies before me on the tray. As you start to read my column in the magazine, I bang. You sit so close and have my lines in front of him. A lump forms in my throat, I start to sweat. What if they scroll more? You are not doing. And so I give of myself, to recognize when they have finished reading, (evil tongues say I would have done this out of vanity – okay, maybe a little): “Before you chimpfen loss, I am!”, I have to say. You look at me surprised. Then my image, and back to me. We both share a laugh.

Soon we are talking about your impending trip. You have a birthday and want to with the cog railway from Montreux to the Rochers de Naye. You tell me, how beautiful it is up there. And that you had the birthday of your partner on the Schilthorn bad luck. Completely in fog, the summit was shrouded. I wonder how old you are. Her hair is full, has the most beautiful gray from the color palette. You wear Make-up and have so much charm. They learned after 50 is still dealing with computers, to paint, then began. Now you want to buy a Keyboard. “I always have to make something New!”

and I the case almost from the Zugsitz. For four years you are together with your childhood friend. You grew up in the same village, their lives were different. Now he’s sitting across from you, shines on you. You are a godsend for him. And he for you. You say: “Sometimes I have to stupfen him and say: say something!” We agree that this is not in a relationship so often. I say: “But that’s why they fit together so well.” And then you give me some advice on the way I notice me. “You know, we women can be very much. But men do not change, we can!”