On the seventh day. Caution: fakes and other nonsense

“the teachers had a week without lectures, we got a break from hard work online. Agree, 4 pairs in a row – not easy conditions to work. It’s 6 hours online chatting and sitting in front of the screen. But the streets were empty. Every responsible teacher knew that this pause in order to prepare an interesting material to come up with tasks for students that they were still interested in the new format of lectures and practical exercises.

Photo: iStock specialist in Russian Philology from Austria: to explain to students what a burning Smolensk, difficult

I Want to say that the students in this week have not been idle. Many have written articles and prepared presentations for participation in competition of scientific works. Roman Lepchenko conducted a study on “the Dialectic of performing arts: actor for theatre or theatre for the viewer.” And Stasia Yurchenko has prepared a draft of “the divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri as the archetype of European culture”.

will Not reveal to anyone the secret if let me remind you that over the last twenty years in the modern world the process of learning and obtaining new knowledge is strongly accelerated. There was a need to handle, store and filter information, whose volume is many times more than a few decades ago. The time has come when we need not to teach subject matter and to teach students to learn. Motivation is a major factor in any actions that people perform. It is known that the self-study as the methodology existed in ancient times, and the word “student” comes from the Latin “studiosus” learning. But how to learn? And here we are inevitably faced with the problem of Internet sources.

Photo: Alexander Scherbak/SLTSS the epidemic of coronavirus in the Russian language came new words

here is an example. You have all received a text with a life-affirming poem of A. S. Pushkin. Any scholar immediately determined that the authorship belongs to another poet. But students require arguments. Because they now trust the Internet more than we do, alas! Thank you for “the Russian newspaper” had published an interesting article, “Wrote Pushkin in a poem “Let the inhabitants of the country!”?”. But there are links that cause is not a desire to explain the confusing and cause resentment.

I gave the students the assignment on “images of children” in the novels of F. M. Dostoevsky’s, and they sent me a screenshot of the Yandex search engine: “the Story “Boys” in the book “the Brothers Karamazov”. How do you mean? You can meet the definition of “story “Boys.” And this is only a small part of the nightmare that makes us think of base sources.

So prepare, check the authenticity of the information, listen to lectures on YouTube, there is also a lot of false information. Learning to live in the era of digitalization”.