Over the last month and a half in. New expositions of the Museum-panorama “Borodino battle” the Museum, “Multimedia art Museum”, the Gallery of Alexander Shilov and other sites. The website just added more than seven thousand of online exhibits of digitized archival photographs and paintings, pictures of ancient sculptures and medals.

the Exhibition is devoted to relations between representatives of different species of animals with their offspring, produced the State Darwin Museum. Only a few species of mammals, for example marmosets, macaques and chimpanzees — retained strong family ties within the family for many years. Network users will be able to know which birds and animals permanently leave their grown-up calves, and any animal flock or herd, leaving only kids of the same sex. The exhibition includes sculptures, paintings and graphic works by famous animal painters, in particular Vasily Vatagin, Vadim Trofimov and George Nicholas.

details the last major battle of the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte — battle of Waterloo — it is possible during the viewing of a new exhibition of the Museum-panorama “Borodino battle”. Opening of the exhibition dedicated to 205-th anniversary of the legendary military operation. Visitors to the site can see what the uniforms of French soldiers and looked like a battlefield. Also available on the portal the photo of the medal, issued in London in the first quarter of the XIX century in honor of members of the Napoleonic wars-commander Arthur Wellington.

the Gallery of Alexander Shilov prepared. In a selection of archival photographs includes photographs of the fleet and military aircraft during the war, and workers of the rear. The collection includes footage of the first air attacks of the German army in 1941, photographs of key battles such as the battle at Kursk and the Berlin offensive operations.

in Addition, on the portal. Among them, the fashion Museum, Museum-estate “Ostankino”, the House of Russian abroad named after Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Central exhibition hall “Manege” and the Gallery of Ilya Glazunov.

Now the capital gradually soften restrictions related to the spread of coronavirus infection, however, many cultural events are still taking place virtually. On has launched a special project “Culture of Moscow online”, which contains dozens of concerts, performances, tours, lectures and light shows.