the long-Awaited, but no less crucial moment started at a nuclear power plant Belarus – August 7, recorded download of fuel assemblies with fresh nuclear fuel into the reactor of the first unit.

Each Assembly, said BelTA, consists of 312 fuel rods with a diameter of 9 mm and a height of about 4 meters. The weight of an Assembly exceeds a half – ton, 571 kg And all the nuclear boiler is loaded 163 fuel “packages” with the subsequent conduct the required tests.

the Management of the station in Astravets believes that the launch of the first unit with the inclusion of the power sector is possible before the end of this year. By the way, before it became known that experts of nuclear power plants and Belenergo have successfully performed the test, the meaning of which consisted in the voltage supply for own needs of the Belarusian NPP in case of high system crash.

“According to legend, exercise a significant part of the energy system is left without voltage, disabled almost all generation sources. Was given the task in the shortest time to make the transfer of power from the unit Lukoml state district power plant to ensure the operation of auxiliary equipment of nuclear power plants, protection and automation systems, security systems, incorporating equipment. Operatively-dispatching personnel of the power system successfully solved the task”, – told in “Belenergo”.

Commissioning of the first-born of nuclear energy of Belarus, state the analysts, will provide about a third of the country’s domestic needs in electricity, to replace the 4.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 7 million tons. Large-scale energy project will open new opportunities for wide implementation of advanced technologies in industry, science, medicine, education, will be a stimulus for development of electric vehicles.

As earlier informed “the UNION”, the Belarusian nuclear power plant with two WWER-1200 reactors with a total capacity of 2,400 MW is being constructed on Russian project in the Grodno oblast and meets all safety requirements of the IAEA. It is also known that reactors of generation 3+ have improved technical and economic performance.