the results of the Council commented on the honorary President of the League Sergei Ivanov, President Sergey Kushchenko and General Director Ilona Korstin.

so, in the 2020/21 season will play the same 13 teams as in the past. This is Avtodor (Russia), “Astana” (Kazakhstan), “Yenisei” (Russia), “green Gura” (Poland), Zenit (Russia), “Kalev” (Estonia), “Lokomotiv-Kuban” (Russia), Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia), “PARMA” (Russia), UNICS (Russia), “Khimki” (Russia), “Tsmoki-Minsk” (Belarus), CSKA Moscow (Russia).

– Theoretical candidates began to carefully read the rules, – said the honorary President of the League Sergey Ivanov. – And everything is in black and white: what should be the hall, what should be the responsibility of the club which guarantees the club should provide, including financial. I’m almost convinced that even in the absence of coronavirus new applications for participation not be received.

Itself United League pandemic endured quietly, preserving all the sponsors and previous funding. From a financial point of view, the coronavirus has affected the budgets of the teams participating in the new season, it will be clear in September next year, when clubs will give the League accounts for the season 2020/21. Now until the end of August they are obliged to disclose budgets for the last season.

– We are the only sports League in Russia, which fully reveals the budgets of clubs and I assure you, it will always be so, – said Sergey.

And United League – first among the sports leagues the country approved the rules and format of the upcoming season. It starts before the previous nearly three weeks to September 20. This is necessary in order to be able to complete the tournament until June 15 due to the transfer of the Olympics to 2021. At the end of the regular season will be determined the eight teams that will participate in a full playoff series to three victories.

the Only uncertainty concerns the availability of spectators, but this issue will be resolved depending on the epidemiological situation. In any case, the all-star game in the calendar (14 February), and this, as said Sergey Kushchenko, “the story for the fans.”

But globally the future of the League is quite defined. Sergey Kushchenko and Ilona Korstin was unanimously re-elected to their posts for the next four years. Such a consensus is easily explained by numbers. According to the Korstin, over the past four years the League budget increased by 24 percent, media law rose by 30 percent, the all-star game in four years, the holding has brought in revenue of 12.5 million rubles.

Clubs are all more fun to stay in the League. They make money on this – summed up the honorable President of the United League Sergey Ivanov.