In the Crimea, launched the movement of freight trains on the Crimean bridge. To highlight this event, on the Kerch shore to meet the train gathered several dozen journalists from local and Federal Newspapers and television channels.

In the control room CR the command to start the movement of freight trains was given by the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Eugene Dietrich. “The start of the cargo traffic on the Crimean bridge to implement,” he said. Manager haul baherove – Taman gave this command to the machinists of the locomotive, and the first train No. 2001 went from the station bagerovo station Taman. With Cuban shore came oncoming freight train that met with the “Crimean” train under the arches of the bridge.

at the entrance to the tunnel on the Crimean shore was installed the screen that showed the movement of trains, watching the assembled officials and journalists. The chief KZHD Anatoly Gladilin said railroad in the 2020 plan to reach the level of 2017 and provide for the transportation of three million tons of cargo.

– But there is confidence that there will be more, he said. – The main thing that managed to keep the team, and he is ready to work.

the Railway track the Crimean bridge is equipped with modern devices of signaling, centralization and blocking, allowing you to make convenient schedules with the desired interval between consecutive trains. The mass of each part can reach to 7.1 thousand tons. In the future the railroad across the Kerch Strait will be able to provide transportation of more than 13 million tons of cargo annually.

Recall that passenger rail service over the bridge was opened in December 2019. During this time trains have crossed the Kerch Strait more than 500 times, and transported more than 250 thousand passengers.