On the train part of the Crimean bridge for the first time since the launch of the cargo movement was the composition of the 25 cars with fuel. About this “RG” said the press service of the Crimean railway.

– Direct train service allowed the shipper to refuse to pay the offshore section of the path and by changing the scheme of tariff to reduce the cost of transportation by 23 percent for each car, said to CR. – On the basis of comparative analysis of oil transportation from the station Novoyaroslavskaya station Simferopol-Freight savings when transporting fuel on the Crimean bridge in comparison with the crossing by ferry across the Kerch Strait on a car amounted to 43.5 thousand rubles.

Transportation across the bridge was carried out taking into account requirements of the order of the Federal Agency of railway transport № 224 dated June 10, 2020, which provides certain time restrictions for the transport of trains of goods in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Sevastopol. They provide the download of the compositions in the presence of representatives of shipper, carrier and paramilitary security, imposition of seals on hatches and doors, as well as a two-day sucks trains at the station Taman-Passenger before crossing the Crimean bridge.

Earlier, the press service of the Ministry of transport of Kazakhstan reported that after the launch of freight trains on the railway part of the Crimean bridge the tariff for transportation of cargoes by railway in the Crimea will be reduced by 27-50 percent.