the completion of “frozen” objects in the budget of the Volgograd region there are 200 million rubles. The money will be spent on subsidies to the new developer. Assessment of the readiness and cost of completed houses will give Federal experts. By the end of next week according to the survey, experts will develop a road map showing the sequence and timing of work to complete multi-storey buildings. The decision on the completion of will be taken by the Supervisory Board of Fund of protection of rights of investors.

After the conclusion of the agreement with the Foundation, Governor of the Volgograd region Andrey Bocharov urged to speed up the gathering of documents needed for adoption by the Supervisory Board of the final decision on financing the completion of the house, – said the Deputy head of the state Inspectorate of construction supervision for the Volgograd region Roman Kasyanov.

decisions took daily to control the management of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

Over the past six years, the region completed construction of 70 blocks of flats of new settlers were 6000 families of shareholders. So, the developed procedure for completion of each construction site made it possible to complete the LCD “Dominant”, an apartment building on Lavochkin, 7, building area of Work, 2 in Volga, LCD “Alphabet” and others. In 2020, will be introduced 17 such facilities that will solve the issue of housing for 1,300 families.